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Shopping local helps our community
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What is a chamber of commerce?
A chamber of commerce is an organization made up of business members who strive to further the growth and interests of businesses. Our mission statement is “to be a leader in our community that promotes and stimulates a successful business environment.”
For the past 25 years, the Richmond Hill-Bryan County Chamber of Commerce has provided leadership for the businesses in Bryan County. Currently, our chamber has 3,250 members. Our membership consists mainly of small businesses but also includes manufacturing, shipping/logistics, retail, service, professional and non-profit organizations, ranging in size from sole proprietors to 200-plus employees. They all understand the importance of being a chamber member and forging business relationships.

The importance of shopping local

Most everyone is familiar with the “shop local” concept. It’s true that when you shop local, you are feeding the local economy. But did you know that it also impacts the environment by decreasing the amount of travel time of the product, which cuts down on air pollution?
Here are the facts. Local merchants employ more local labor and buy local goods, versus national chains that operate from a remote location. Local owners keep their profits in-state, whereas chain stores take their profits out of state. Local businesses contribute more to state and local taxes. Local businesses are also more likely to support/promote local artists and performers.
When you shop local, you are shopping with your friends and neighbors, and you get the personal, one-on-one treatment that you generally do not get from a chain store.

Franklin is the executive director of the Richmond Hill-Bryan County Chamber of Commerce. She can be reached at

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