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Property transfers for Sept. 22
house sale

Deeds filed with the Bryan County Clerk of Courts office in Pembroke recently showed the following property transfers:

Mitchell C. Finley to Michael L. Terry and Beth A. Crowe-Finley, 68 Tivoli Marsh Road, $260,000, Sept. 16.

Cheri S. Keller to Keller Holdings LLC, 10750 Ford Avenue, Richmond Hill, $185,000, Sept. 16.

Todd Louis Pryby to Alan W. Cagle, 190 Sayle Lane, $422,500, Sept. 15.

Martin Mauersberg to William Hilton, 179 Golden Grove Lane, $196,000, Sept. 15.

Patricia Ann Lamson-Poeschel to John W. Bishop and Jeanine Onischuck, 185 Egrets Way Lane, $231,900, Sept. 15.

Terry S. Nedza and Marian S. Nedza to Carl R. Rosenow, 73 Mill Run Terrace, $296,900, Sept. 15.

JK Homes Inc. to Calvin C. Law and Ternartsea Law, 167 Timberland Circle, $361,900, Sept. 15.

SRP 2013-2 LLC to Cristoval Cervantes, 215 Deloach Road, $45,000 Sept. 14.

Rebecca F. Abel and David C. Abel to Charles E. Radinick and Mandy A. Radinick, 140 Waterford Landing Road, $395,000, Sept. 14.

Crystal B. Morrison to Randy K. Baird and Janet M. Baird, 365 Rushing Street, $106,000, Sept. 14.

Thomas Mohler to Jonathan Knight and Wendy Knight, 144 Oak Creek Court, $225,000, Sept. 15.

William Burkhalter to James Carter Harvey, 702 River Oaks Drive, $249,900, Sept. 15.

Bacontown Properties LLC to Rammon A. Swainson, 17 Hill Brown Road, $105,000, Sept. 15.

Stephen R. Bozovich to Jason R. Miles, 196 Shady Tree Circle, $267,500, Sept. 15.

Cristoval Cervantes to Cristy F. Urbina Garcia, 215 Deloach Road, $45,000, Sept. 19.

Rodrigo Delostrinos Jr. to Hollis McDonald Jr., 242 Landing Way, $210,000, Sept. 19.

Jonathan Knight to John Wheeler III, 255 Falcon Drive, $130,000, Sept. 19.

Iverson Chapman to John Smith Jr., 801 River Oaks Drive, $245,000, Sept. 19.

William Joseph Klein to Mitchell Clyde Finley and Beth Crowe-Finley, 1475 Branden Way, $360,00, Sept. 19.

Jason Phillip Fieldman to Pravinkumar Jaikumar Deolasi, 96 Patton Lane, $298,000, Sept. 19.

Karen J. Duke to Michael P. Clark, Benny Jackson Clark and Marsha Clark, 460 Camellia Drive, $78,740, Sept. 9.

K. Hovnanian Homes at Creekside LLC to David H. Cook Jr. and Tyra R. Cook, 20 Gentry Way, $294,990, Sept. 7.

Cheryl Harris, Administratrix of the Estate of Arthur Richard Hawkins to Allen P. Garlock, 506 Sandpiper Road, $115,000, Sept. 8.

G. Mike Odom Jr. to Paul R. Longgrear II, 81 E. Jack Snipe Court, $97,500, Sept. 9.

Mungo Homes of Georgia LLC to Junior R. Matthews, 1202 Castleoak Drive, $289,964, Sept. 7.

Mark W. Bradley to Garry Walter Church Jr. and April Denise Church, 646 Youngs Way, $201,000, Sept. 7.

Hoyt L. Holt to Robert M. Faber and Elizabeth A. Colbeck, 321 Davis Road, $425,000, Sept. 8.

Clifford M. Hodges to Steven M. Molpus, 509 Oxford Drive, $212,000, Sept. 9.

Joseph C. Hilbig to Adam Anthony Isdale, 11 Pelican Lane, $154,000, Sept. 9.

Robert Anthony Serrao and Elizabeth Y. Serrao to Adam A. Schumacher, 630 Greenwich Avenue, $184,000, Sept. 9.

Robert A. Dixon Jr. to Kaitlyn Taylor Weir and Hugh Matthew Irvin Weir, 90 Golden Rod Loop, $288,000, Sept. 9.

Omar Z. Ahmed to Andrew T. Beauchamp, 1085 Rushing Street, $116,500, Sept. 9.

Andrew D. Peacock to Bret Matthew Thomas, 15 Misty Drive, $245,000, Sept. 12.

Mark D. Lukich to Calvin Connell III, 66 Glennmary Lane E. $230,000, Sept. 12.

Andrew M. Crane to Jonathan D. Hyre, 36 Gill Road, $165,000, Sept. 12.

Danielle G. Black to Joshua Hayworth, 711 Bristol Way, $179,000, Sept. 12.

Damon Bland to Richard Knox, 115 Bashlor Road, $65,000, Sept. 12.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah LLC to Joseph E. Williams, 85 Frank Edwards Road, $194,397, Sept. 12.

Amy Sue Kollman to Joseph Kyle Roberts, 626 Harbour Lane, $260,000, Sept. 12.

Sinkhole LLC to Joshua A. Greene and Lea Greene, 100 Joshua Circle, $127,900, Sept. 12.

Bradley J. Herron to Kevin A. Cowart and Jamile L. Cowart, 177 Oakstead Drive, $216,000, Sept. 12.

King Chau Chan to Mayur Patel and Amitaben Patel, 340 Willow Oak Drive, $275,000, Sept. 12.

Lewis-Bashlor Construction LLC to James Hopper, 20 Cherry Tree Court, $375,000, Sept. 13.

James A. Adams to Martin K. Grothear, 35 Sabal Drive, $390,000, Sept. 13.

Rodney J. Backman, Joanne A. Backman and Emily Anne Backman to Robert Edward Garofolo, 128 CSS Nashville Lane, $241,250, Sept. 13.

Bacontown Properties LLC to David S. Williams, 80 Wildwood Church Road, $40,000, Sept. 13

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