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Property transfers for Oct. 12
house sale
Property transfers are filed with the Bryan County Clerk of Courts in Pembroke.

Property transfers filed with the Bryan County Clerk of Courts through Oct. 3:

William T. Hurst III, individually and as executor of the last will and testament of William T. Hurst to James A. Thornburg, Jr., 41 Strathy Hall Drive, Richmond Hill, $180,000, Sept. 26.

Hillside Investors, LLC to Giles Property Investments, LLC, 470 Holly Hill Road, Richmond Hill, $150,000, Sept. 27.

Hillside Investors, LLC to Savannah Holdings, LLC, 271 Holly Hill Road, Richmond Hill, $175,000, Sept. 27.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Richard Lee Kendrick, 170 Frank Edwards Road, Ellabell, $165,760, Sept. 26.

K. Hovnanian Homes at Creekside, LLC to Kevin Kelly and Jenell Kelly, 115 Wando View Way, $286,265, Sept. 26.

Jackie F. Brewton to David W. Strickland, 1005 Bell Road, Ellabell, $53,000, Sept. 26.

Joseph Stanley Wadas to Katherlin W. Wall, 446 Brigham Drive, $278,900, Sept. 28.

Kenneth A. Reach, Sr. to Carolyn W. Wetherington, as Co-Trustee, 2003 River Oaks Drive, $294,000, Sept. 29.

Warren E. Perez, Jr. to Judy Lynn Greenwell, 139 Kingston Circle, $405,000, Oct. 10.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Sharon N. Cameron and Christopher C. Cameron, 230 Shelton Street, $291,866.

Christopher Neptune to Thomas J. Puskar and Emily R. Puskar, Jr., 88 William Hall Way, $327,900, Oct. 10.

Pablo A. Flores-Soto to Beth L. Newman, 291 Shady Oak Circle, $186,000, Oct. 10.

Keller Enterprises, LLC to Nicolas A. Felts, 90 Walker Court, $147,900, Oct. 10.

Ernest Signature Custom Homes, LLC to Jonathan Thomas Gerbsch and Karleigh Michele Gerbsch, 120 James Drive, $235,471, Oct. 10.

John W. Mathews to Toni Reeves, 25 Island View Court, $260,000, Oct. 10.

Latiya V. Fisher to Miguel A. Alvarado, Jr. and Tammy L. Bradley-Alvarado, 100 Bowridge Drive, Oct. 2.

William H. thomas to Joseph S. Colon, 76 Young Way, $230,000, Oct. 2.

Alice L. Steyaart to James R. Dean, Jr., 261 Sandpiper Road, $125,000, Oct. 2.

William R. Bowman to Sheila A. Page-Doney and Mark K. Doney, 1213 Belle Island Drive, $121,875, Oct. 2.

Marc W. Bigbie to John C. Downey, 582 Mingarry Drive, $329,900, Oct. 2.

Edward T. Martin to Christopher S. Howe, 2409 Sims Road, $210,000, Oct. 2.

Lanier Renaissance, Inc. to Daviel Tannheimer, Jr. and Christine R. Tannheimer, 119 Marshview Drive, $234,500, Oct. 2.

Dustin W. Armstrong to Anthony McArthur and Amy Brooke McArthur, 233 Peregrine Circle, $174,900, Oct. 2.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Ajaykumar V. Mahida and Rima A. Mahida, 52 Calendon Court, $415,000, Oct. 2.

Howard J. Berriman to Dustin W. Armstrong and Mavis A. Armstrong, 141 Cottage Court, $230,000, Oct. 2.

Josuan Rodriquez and Yineska M. Hernandez Diaz to AH4R Properties, LLC, 183 O’Hara Drive, $242,000, Oct. 3.

Timothy P. Kuklok and Lynnae M Kulok to AH4R Properties, 956 Young Way, $236,000, Oct. 3.

Kevin Anthony Stewart to Robert W. O’Dell and Amy O’Dell, 170 Oxford Drive, $243,500, Oct. 3.

Arthur Leong to Larry R. Moore, 364 Marshview Drive, $285,000, Oct. 3.

Camillo Ramirez to Matthew Bray and Brittany Bray, 14 Osgood Lane, $230,900, Oct. 3.

Judy Lynn Greenwell to Deandre Clay and Dana Clay, 325 Laurenburg Drive, $265,900, Oct. 3.

Adam L. Balduff and Jennifer M. Balduff to Erin L. Harper, 175 Lancaster Way, $239,000, Oct. 3.

K. Hovnanian Homes at Creekside, LLC to Min Hwan Hwang and In Kyung Choi, 60 Wando View Way, $312,669, Oct. 3.

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