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Property transfers for May 24
house sale

Property transfers through May 24

Ryan M. Wilkinson to William T. Woodson and Jill T. Woodson, 94 Saddlebrush Road, $192,700, May 18.

Douglas A. Wirth and Suzanne Wirth to Andrew Page and Jill Christine Page, 435 Breys Cut, $277,000, May 19.

Carolyn L. Jaquess to Jason J. Strickland and Mistie D. Strickland, 285 George Edwards Road, $20,075, May 19.

Tina L. Bailey to Richard M. Kozlowski, Jr., 34 Jerico Trail, $245,000, May 16.

Danny R. Reagin, Jr. to Bernadete Gomez-Crow and Bradley Lawrence Crow, 1043 Mill Hill Road, $388,000, May 16.

Ditech Financial LLC to John E. Sconyers, Sr. and Pauline L. Farrer, 173 Gorham Street, $46,300, May 17.

Synergy Homes of Georgia, LLC to Scott Donza and Vicki L. Donza, 67 Timberland Circle, $355,000, May 17.

Leonard E. Dariano to Shane Wright, 20 Cantle Drive, $152,000, May 15.

Arthur L. Lewis to Adewumi Oguntunmibi and Abiola Oguntunmibi, 1010 Saint Catherine Circle, $550,000, May 15.

Leann M. Allen to Larry Niven and Debra Niven, 70 Williamson Drive, $485,000, May 15.

Susannah Wagner Merritt to Deborah Kay Dugger, 21897 Hwy. 144, $70,000, May 15.

Heather A. Dean to Karalee E. Sartin and Matthew E. Sartin, 50 Willow Oak Drive, $155,000, May 15.

Michael P. Bollinger to Brian Scott and Heather Scott, 27 Jack Snipe Court E, $158,500, May 12.

JNO Investments, LLC to Jimmy W. Davis and Hyekyung C. Davis, 275 Wicklow Dr., 275 Wicklow Drive, $272,500, May 12.

Phillip Jay Church to Linda K. Norris, 2502 River Oaks Drive, $253,000, May 10.

Kenneth J. Purvis to Seacoast Construction, LLC, 11258 Ford Avenue, $55,000, May 10.

Joshua Kimple to Gregory S. Gathy, 153 Reese Drive, $172,000, May 10.

Sean Curtis Burnett to Stefan Floyd Borden, 145 Glen Way, $295,000, May 10.

Russell Ellis to Lawrence W. Cox, 768 East Bristol Way, $169,700, May 10.

Frederick Matthew Horne to Wayne T. Yawn, 64 Hope Creek Drive, $153,000, May 10.

Hinesville Home Center to John Quincy, 106 Warnell Ave., $130,800, May 10.

Betsy E. Futch to Glenn Morgan and Katherine Morgan and Mary Ann Haupt, 205 Bub Lane, $180,000, May 10.

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