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Property transfers for May 10
house sale
Deeds are kept on file in the Bryan County Courthouse in Pembroke in the Bryan County clerk of courts office. - photo by Stock photo

Property transfers filed with the Bryan County Clerk of Courts recently include:

Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC to Benjamin Noah Covington and Cara Catherine Thomas, 180 Pete Bacon Road, $36,500, April 25.

Sinkhole, LLC to Harron J. Lee, Jr., 1540 C. C. Road, $20,000, April 25.

Norris Keith Griffis to Theresa Herb, 694 Harry Hagan Road, $40,000, April 25.

J.K. Homes, Inc. to Paul Teague and Laura Teague, 502 Chastain Circle, $403,202, April 25.

Cynthia Anne Reed to Alexander R. Neal, 644 Daniel Siding Loop, $129,900, April 25.

Dream Finders Homes, LLC to Joseph S. Wadas and Michelle Ann Martin Wadas, 222 Lake Lily Drive, $220,622, April 25.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to William A. Branch and Janita F. Branch, 108 Tarbert Cut, $266,541, April 25.

Charles A McCorckle Jr and Judith C McCorkle to Andy Shuman and Darlene Shuman, 596 Jake Brown Road, $125,000, April 27.

Joshua Parker to Earnest S. Dass, 51 Sterling Woods Drive, $256,525, April 27.

K. Hovnanian Homes at Creekside, LLC to Jason Trumpower and Thidaporn Trumpower, 255 Shelton Street, $278,000, April 27.

M. Larry Galbreath, Jr and Mindy L Galbreath to Todd E. Cunningham, 30 Jack’s Court, $550,000, April 26.

Rose Marie Martin Donnelly to Allen W. Martin, 7158 Belfast Keller Road, $123,000, April 26.

D. R. Horton, Inc. to Elizabeth R. Larson, 156 Palmer Place, $316,280, April 26.

Richard J. Harnage to Leroy Heath, Jr., 145 Bowridge Drive, $300,000, April 26.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Mario Sanchez and Airolga Sanchez, 53 Gallie Cut, $277,000, April 26.

Next Phase Development Company, LLC to Beacon Builders, Incs. 21 Sagefield, $25,000, April 26.

Richard Rendon to Sean Harper Buchanan and Brandy Nichole Buchanan, 50 Smoke Rise Road, $230,000, April 30.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Che Cason and Latonia F. Cason, 121 Calendon Court, $382,912, April 30.

Lori K. Johanson to Timothy York, 157 Oak Creek Court, $253,500, April 30.

Brian S. Watson to Aurthur James Athens and Emily Athens, 440 Dellcross Drive, $297,500, April 30.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Dana Lillian Snowden, 36 Tarbert Cut, $225,769, April 30.

Bacontown Properties, LLC to Bobby E. Mitchell, Jr., 580 Mason Road, $79,000, April 24.

Justin Needham to Jason B. Thoerner, 95 Chastain Circle, $395,000, April 24.

Stan M. Hill to Sonya S. Ramsey and James K Ramsey, 10 Balfour Drive, $365,000, May 4.

Chase Sisters 3, LLC to Waffle House, Inc., 56 Sommers Boulevard, Richmond Hill, $100,000, May 4.

Kenneth R. Davis to Tim Hazelman, 1045 Rushing Street, Richmond Hill, $115,000, May 4.

Dream Finders Homes, LLC to Thomas Shelton Warapius and Rachel Fahlenkamp Warapius, 420 Ridgewood Park, $369,737, May 4.

Christopher Michael Peters to Kyle M. Larson and Lisa Larson, 80 Tupelo Trail, $267,000, May 4.

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