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Property transfers for March 29
house sale
Deeds and other documents related to property ownership in Bryan County are filed with the clerk of courts office in the courthouse in Pembroke. - photo by Stock photo

Property transfers through March 26 at the Bryan County Clerk of Courts office in Pembroke:

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Sehran A. Rodriguez and Victoria P. Salazar, 49 Horizon Lane, $171,817, March 9.

Mary K. Hargrove to Byron B. Lewis, III, 196 Park Avenue, $45,000, March 9.

W. Ray Butler to Winford G. Bowen and Maria A. Bowen, 3003 Wilma Edwards Road, $300,000, March 9.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Andrew D. Flesher and Virginia Marie Hudak, 425 Wicklow Drive, $294,423, March 9.

John S. Morrison, Jr. to Charles Thomas Freeney and Lauren Paige Freeney, 270 Ridgewood Park Drive, $300,000, March 9.

Jackie F. Brewton to David Strickland and Kristina Strickland, 911 Bell Road, $65,000, March 9.

K. Hovnanian Homes at Creekside, LLC to Terri Lynette Bell, 55 Gentry Way, $282,000, March 9.

Christopher S. McCormick to Michael Patrick Danko, 75 Oak Ridge Circle, $202,000, March 8.

Jess McConnell to Jason R. Wieczorek and Jenah D. Wieczorek, 504 Laurenburg Drive, $266,000, March 8.

Michael Roberts Custom Homes, LLC to Derek J. Dragon, Sr. and Laurie L. Dragon, 320 Lake Side Drive, $301,033, March 8.

Benjamin T. Vidacovich to Richard V. Martin and Cathie Denise, 295 Windsong Drive, $387,000,

March 8.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Christopher Nelson Parker and Jacqueline D. Parker, 70 Wando View Way, $268,045, March 8.

Seacoast Construction, LLC to Laura Higgins Skibicki, 250 Wicklow Drive, $299,900, March 12.

Terry L. Burns to James R. R. Lapp, 458 Mingarry Drive, $399,000, March 12.

David G. Fitton, LLC to Christopher Walter Cook, 25 Patriot Drive, $264,900, March 12.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Chanel C. York, and Matthew York, 39 Gallie Cut, $274,720, March 12.

Ernest Signature Custom Homes, LLC to Matthew J. Stevens and Tracy Stevens, 15 Sweetgrass Lane, $255,221, March 13.

James W. Thomas, III to Glenn Adam Zumwalt and Can Li Zumwalt, 136 Lancaster Way, $192,900, March 13.

Richard C. hall and Tammy A. Hall to Charles T. Crouch and Toni S. Crouch, 644 Strathy Hall, $264,900, March 13.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Ramon L. CasesTorres, 110 Wando View Way, $252,447, March 14.

Ray T. Moreau and Judith A Moreau to Leonardo Carlos Riedel and Holly Anne Schiffler, 648 Lou Page Lane, $325,000, March 15.

Beacon New Homes, LLC to Vincent Abad, 255 Creekside Circle, $166,255, March 15.

Matthew R. Branson to James A. Jennings and Tara G. Jennings, 371 Plantation Way, $260,000, March 15.

Greg S. Furlong toDylan L. Gibson, 45 Laurenburg Drive, $269,000, March 15.

Max Konrad Beilder to Illyana Sophia Lee and Logan Lee, 545 Rushing Street, $121,000, March 16.

Brooklyn R. Franklin to Renee Williams and Benjamin Williams, 411 Kelsall Drive, $292,000, March 16.

Thomas Howard Rush to John Kastenbauer, III and Gayle Braun, 75 Windsong Lane, $364,900, March 19.

Benjamin C. Jones to Jacky D. Jennings, 649 Sims Road, $144,900, March 19.

Steven Lambert Tholen to Michael Ryan Peters and Amy Peters, 10 Sabal Drive, $430,000, March 19.

Prentice Ray Price to Pat B. Rutland, 1201 River Oaks Drive, $258,000, March 19.

Scott Elton Johnson to mark Elton Johnson, Bonnie Johnson and Cherrie Clitherow, 621 Charlie’s Road, $167,457, March 19.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Brad Dolley, 124 Tarbert Cut, $296,021, March 19.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Jeremy Brummel, 20 Tarbert Cut, $291,000, March 19.

J.K. Homes, Inc. to Joseph Gorman and Angela Gorman, 108 Timberland Circle, $325,900, March 21.

William R. Quesenberry and Imelda S. Quesenberry to Stephen M. Fox and Sara Rebecca Fox, 1130 Castleoak Drive, $267,500, March 21.

Justin M. Mix and Gennifer Mix to George Eyster and Sandra Eyster, 255 Shadow Moss Circle, $420,00, March 21.

Jerry M. Cowart, Jr., to Christopher Corey Bergevine and Natasha Anne Bergevine, 93 Williams Drive, $250,000, March 20.

E and E Dennis Rentals, LLC to Austin Neal, 361 Camellia Drive, $75,000, March 20.

Wilton S. Thomson, Jr. to William Craig Shuman, 682 W.E. Smith Road, $54,000, March 20.

Pat B. Rutland to Angela Marie Downey, 2905 River Oaks Drive, $282,500, March 20.

Catherine S. Colasanto to Bradley R. Sturz and Sara K. Gremillion, 117 Glenmary Lane W., $214,000, March 21.

Peter Carl Fedak to Brittany M. Diovisalvi and Marin Abel Neal, III, 116 Brisbon Hall Drive, $192,750, March 21,.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Qiong Li, 65 Wando View Way, $262,849, March 21.

GFT Property Investments II, LLC to Bacontown Properties, LLC, 191 Lucious Drive, $37,500, March 23.

Bethany E. Galligher to Andrew C. Bloom, 75 Harleigh Lane, $169,900, March 23.

Ramon L. Cases to Lisa M. Tyler, 310 Cantle Drive, $160,750, March 26.

Landmark 24 Homes of Savannah, LLC to Matthew R. Evans and Yvette Ewens, 356 Whitaker Way N, $291,490, March 26.

Danyel M. Graves to Charles T. Canaday, Jr., 129 McDuffie Drive, March 22.

K. Hovnanian at Creekside, LLC to Braden Perry Broussard and Meagan marie Hall Broussard, 80 Wando View Way, $249,176, March 22.

Michelle Wright to Christopher J. Bucci, 80 Brigham Lane, $300,00, March 22.

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