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Property transfers for June 8
house sale
Here is what property is selling in Bryan County.

Property transfers filed with the Bryan County Clerk of Courts through June 6:

Gregory S. Robinson to Xiao Ye Chen, 877 Laurel Hill Circle, Richmond Hill, $216,900, June 6.

Christopher D. Smith to Brendon S. Greene and Dawnne E. Greene, 346 Waverly Lane, Richmond Hill, $284,000, June 6.

Justin M. Saffian to Martine Marcelin and Johny Eliscar, 2050 Rushing Street, Richmond Hill, $125,000, June 6.

William J. Ellison to Paul F. Condit and Mandy G. Condit, 535 Dalcross Drive, Richmond Hill, $389,000, June 6.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Brian L. Harnden and Teresa M. Harnden, 2250 Kingswood Drive, $402,144, June 6.

Ruth E. Webb f/k/a Ruth E. Moore to Larry A. Edwards and Susan K. Edwards, 20 Egrets Way Lane, Richmond Hill, $187,000, June 6.

Louise J. Gissendaner to Sandra S. Lusk, 601 River Oaks Drive, $243,000, June 6.

Paul T. Marlatt to Beauford Powell and Nickie S. Stevens, 2718 Sims Road, Pembroke, $179,000, June 6.

K. Hovnanian Homes at Creekside, LLC to Kyle Richard Holland and Erin Elizabeth Holland, 80 Shelton Street, $264,932, June 2.

Chandler B. Echols to Genevieve Latuske, 5 Crossing Drive, $159,000, June 2.

Michael LaChance to James E. Grandy, II, 476 Saint Catherine Circle, 476 Saint Catherine Circle, $580,000, June 2.

Rosetta Blue to Kevin Schwartz, 51 Dove Court, $124,900, June 2.

Dream Finders Homes, LLC to Thomas H. Norman, Jr. and Judith L. Norman, 120 Wildlife View Court S., $334,232, June 2.

Samuel Morris Freakly to James M. Ellett and Kristen L. Ellett, 110 Sunbury Drive, Richmond Hill, $247,000, June 2.

Lowe Enterprises, LLC to Julia Cruzan and Noah Cruzan, 147 Harvey Drive, Richmond Hill, $279,900, June 2.

Jessica N. Holder to David M. King and Kaylee Edgar, 295 Mimosa Street, Richmond Hill, $180,900, June 2.

Charles Ward to Christopher H. Carter, 286 Bell Road, Ellabell, $308,000, June 2.

Thomas A. Smith to Steven J. Duvall and Rebecca L. Duvall, 901 Laurell Hill Circle, Richmond Hill, $214,500, June 2.

David M. Abrams to Paul Rubin, 511 Mill Run Drive, Richmond Hill, $209,000, June 2.

Jay Wilkerson to Thomas F. Natale and Rose Natale, as Trustees, 158 Catherine View, $399,900, June 2.

Pablo Josue Seary Cintron to Brandon McCoy and Teresa McCoy, 120 Willow Oak Drive, $160,000, June 5.

Adam W. Vanek to Nathan Elledge and Melissa Elledge, 331 Lou Page Lane, $335,000, June 5.

JNO Investments, LLC to Rhonda G. Ward, 380 Wicklow Drive, $270,900, June 2.

Mungo Homes of Georgia LLC to Franklin Casanova and Maria A. Casanova, 112 Hazen Drive, $293,134, June 1.

Bobby Layton Ware to Julie L. Philipps, 561 St. Catherine Circle, Richmond Hill, $88,000, June 1.

John Irgens to James A. Angle, 874 Seascape Drive, $470,000, June 5.

Joanna Ngov to Austin K. Linthicome and Jasmine E. Linthicome, 175 Peregrine Circle, $209,000, June 5.

Marketing Today, Inc to Jill Misuraca, 85 Canyon Oak Loop, Richmond Hill, $136,500, May 31.

Martin Ball to Andrew J. Nix and Stacy H. Nix, 50 Greenwich Drive, Richmond Hill, $295,000, May 31.

Cory Sommers to Anna Chafin and Justin Chafin, 21190 Hwy 144, Richmond Hill, $370,000, May 31.

Nalini Kalelkar Konrad to Kevin M. Davis, 510 Canyon Oak Loop, $139,000, May 24.

Michael R. Re to Amanda Konkle and Robert W. Konkle, 88 Richmond Way, $221,000, May 25.

RELO Direct Government Services, LLC to Eric S. Pisano and Samantha M. Sharpe, 444 Victors Court, $320,000, May 25.

Christopher B. Motley to Kyle D. Maggart and Taylour S. Maggart, 100 Golden Glove Lane, $217,000, May 25.

Derrick S. Manique to Brandon M. Reid and Jennifer Reid, 120 Alexander Way, $165,000, May 25.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to David Sayers and Kimberly Sayers, 95 J R Drive, Ellabell, $146,100, May 30.

Robert Scott Cameron to Max Bosselaar, 120 Arlington Court, $255,000, May 30.

Matthew Joseph Jones to William Kirby Powell and Brittany Michelle Thomas- Powell, 108 Mallard Lane, $161,390, May 30.

Constance P. Kupidlowski to James M. Sanders, 725 Black Creek Church Road, $59,900, May 26.

Timothy P. Fischer to Timothy F. Crowe and Rachel Marie Crowe, 427 Marshview Drive, $224,500, May 30.

Mark Alan Kloiber and Angela Marie Kloiber to Francisco J. Cuevas, 213 Lewis Drive, $182,000, May 30.

JCH Coastal Lifestyle Homes, LLC to Colin Gilligan, 1123 St. Catherine Circle, $468,000, May 30.

Seacoast Construction, LLC to Christopher L. Cosme and Rachel F. Cosme, 400 Wicklow Drive, $262,900, May 30.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Alessandro D. Vitello and Ann M. Vitello, 1646 Castleoak Drive, $254,818, May 31.

Synergy Homes of Georgia, LLC to James F. Dunn and Mary Jo Dunn, 96 Timberland Circle, $334,900, May 31.

Robert L. Davis to Cecil L. Lemonds and Kimberly M. Morris, 95 Warnell Drive, $310,000, May 30.

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