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Property transfers for June 23
house sale

Deeds filed with the Bryan County Clerk of Courts office in Pembroke recently showed the following property transfers:

Lori Porter to Derek Dragon Sr., 277 Kilkenny Road, $70,000, June 2.

JNO Investments LLC to Carl Holt and Dawn Holt, Parcel No. 056-049-016, $259,900, May 31.

Kelvi Ramos to Christopher Klinger and Lindsey Klinger, 85 Blue Oak Drive, $184,900, June 1.

Zachary Sheets to Luke Edelman and Sara Edelman, 872 Laurel Hill Circle, $229,000, May 31.

Homes of Integrity Construction Co. Inc. to Casey Michaelson and Amy Michaelson, Parcel No. 054N-230, $275,942, May 27.

L.D. McCullough to Brenda Caruthers, 12488 U.S. 80, $175,000, June 1.

Black Creek Development Co. LLC to Horizon Home Builders of Savannah LLC, 315 Abigail Circle, $16,500, June 1.

William Speegle to Beacon Property Management Group LLC, 675 Warnell Drive, $700,000, May 31.

Kerrin Conklin to Tyson Helsel and Staci Helsel, Parcel No. 063A-078, $70,000, June 1.

Sinkhole LLC to Linda Briggs, 107 Lindsey Drive, $60,000, May 31.

Dobson Travis to Jacob Thorne and Kelly Winshurst, 77 Sterling Creek Drive, $140,000, June 3.

Miners Enterprises LLC to Patrick Smith Sr. and Pamela Smith, 10 Demeries Pointe Lane, $131,000, May 31.

Fredrick Shimalla to Michael Shinkle and Audra Shinkle, 8 Windsong Drive, $580,000, June 1.

Peggy Michael to Tanya Rich and Timothy Rich, 124 Winding Way, $190,000, May 31.

Mungo Homes of Georgia LLC to Floyd Samuels, 1557 Branden Way, $385,456, June 2.

Arin Rousseau and William Rouseau to Jared Jones and Sandra Jones, 142 Belle Grove Circle, $269,500, June 1.

Linda Green to James Headrick and Kacey Rail-Headrick, 55 Alvidine Lane, $175,000, June 3.

DPS Sporting Club Development Company LLC to The Ford Plantation Club Inc., Parcel No. 0547 029, $972,000, June 2.

Synergy Homes of Georgia LLC to William Neltner, 15 Broken Bit Road, $175,000, June 3.

Seacoast Construction LLC to Ian Mason and Amy Mason, 57 Roundstone Way, $261,400, June 2.

Richard Ferron to Price Strickland Holdings LLC, 2377 Mack English Road, $25,000, June 3.

Ronald Bishop to Shannon Smith, 870 Garrison Street, $89,900, June 3.

Matthew Clevenger to Christopher Novak, 1185 I.G. Lanier Road, $275,000, June 1.

Lewis Bashlor Construction LLC to Brennan Loffert, 330 Ridgewood Park Drive N., $393,243, June 3.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah LLC to Charles Roberson III, 20 Bowridge Drive, $258,400, June 8.

Lee Walker to Kenneth Butler and Andrea Butler, 296 McLaughlin Lane, $315,000, June 10.

James Kelly to George Vachon, 111 Jerico Way, $231.000, June 6.

Mungo Homes of Georgia LLC to Eric Young and Lauren Young, 3146 Garden Hills Loop, $279,780, June 8.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah LLC to Vincent Province, 110 Wicklow Drive, $293,005, June 7.

Crystal Dower to Nicholas Keipper, 288 Gandy Cut, $330,000, June 6.

James Miller to Robert Shepherd III and Michelle Shepherd, 615 Dalcross Road, $376,500, June 6.

Loria Holden to Melissa Wojdak and Brian Wojdak, 46 Woodland Way, $200,000, June 6.

Douglas Nurnberger to Jeffrey Phillips and Deborah Phillips, 333 McGregor Circle, $337,000, June 15.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah LLC to Bartlett Smith, 75 Wicklow Drive, $256,776, June 10.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah LLC to Tyler Pertee, 365 Abigail Circle, $140,455, June 9.

Dominick Riccelli to Charles Daw Jr., 236 Chastain Circle, $450,000, June 8.

Robert Haligowski to Jared Hernandez, 195 Peregine Circle, $170,350, June 14.

Homes of Integrity Construction Co. LLC to Michael MacDonald and Jessica MacDonald, Parcel No. 054N-177, $306,000, June 16.

Ian Elliot to Kimberly Cobb-Morris, 87 Cypress Pointe Drive, $116,500, June 14.

Michelle Herlihy to Rickey Dix and Alise Dix, 52 Lancaster Way, $160,000, June 13.

Sergio Almanza to Michael Votava, 56 Bush Court, $290,500.

Mungo Homes of Georgia LLC to Steven Curran and Dawn Curran, 3234 Garden Hills Loop, $274,172, June 16.

Eric Berisford to Travis Carlisle and Jennifer Carlisle, 200 James Dunham Parkway, $256,000, June 16.

Mungo Homes of Georgia LLC to Gary Wheeler and Molly Wheeler, 2756 Garden Hills Loop, $271,740, June 16.

Mungo Homes of Georgia LLC to Lance Walters and Christina Walters, 2688 Garden Hills Loop, $260,873, June 16.

Landmark 24 Homes of Savannah LLC to Terry Baker, 30 Whitaker Way N., $269,850, June 15.

John Hendrix to Adrea Asendio, 26 Richmond Way, $197,000, June 14.

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