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Property transfers for July 20
house sale
Deeds are filed with the Bryan County Clerk of Courts.

Property transfers through July 18:

Jose E. Santos to Bethany Breanne Poole, 155 Bald Eagle Drive, Richmond Hill, $135,000, June 26.

Synergy Homes of Georgia, LLC to Edward L. Allen and Amanda N. Mason-Allen, 88 Timberland Circle, $299,900, June 26.

Dennis H. Clark to Lance Theodore Martin and Nadia Marie Martin, 67 Forest View W., Richmond Hill, $240,000, June 26.

Mark Jason Cox and Kelly A. Cox to Timothy S. Murray, 230 Passaic Lane, $285,000, June 29.

Lisa E. Presgrave to London Arashiro, 123 Heron View Court, $220,000, June 29.

Travis Keith Little to Mildred S. Butler, 135 Willow Oak Drive, $130,000, June 30.

Laura C. Hayes to Joseph R. Brindle, 145 Laurenburg Drive, $263,000, June 30.

Andrew C. Marckesano to Nathan Andrew Greenwood, 308 Scarlett Lane, $222,000, June 30.

Leonard A. Floria, III to Diana Stubbs and Heath J. Stubbs, 65 Strome Court, $239,900, June 30.

Michael M. Taft to Dean S. Bowen, 43 Wysteria Drive, Richmond Hill, $400,000, June 30.

JG Dixon Properties, LLC to Landmark 24 Homes of Savannah, LLC, 256 Whitaker Way N., $43,824, June 30.

JG Dixon Properties, LLC to Landmark 24 Homes of Savannah, LLC 185 Whitaker Way N., $43,824, June 30.

JG Dixon Properties, LLC to Landmark 24 Homes of Savannah, LLC 115 Whitaker Way N., $43,824, June 30.

Hermon Butler Jr. and Penny N. Butler to Joseph A. Bowen and Leslie A. Bowen, 3396 Highway 67, $229,000, June 30.

Virgie Brown to Michael R. Pfeiffer, 1840 Belle Island Road, Richmond Hill, $299,000, June 21.

Andrew S. Hughes to Michael T. Tade and Kalah A. Walker, 134 Cottonham Court, Richmond Hill, $269,900, June 21.

17 Ventures, LLC to Charles L. Stafford, 40 Chandler Street, Richmond Hill, $160,000, June 21.

John W. Weiss, Trustee of the John W. Weiss Trust to Jack M. Arehart and Helen M. Strahl, Trustees of the Helen M. Strahl Revocable Living Trust, 294 Little Lulu Lane, Richmond Hill $575,000, June 21.

Reginald Bernard Brown to Vivian Yvonne Brown, Dwayne Anthony Brown, Paulette Bernette Brown/Blige, Samuel Leon Brown and Sharon Denise Brown/Washington, 63 SE Brown Road E., $35,000, June 22.

Sinkhole, LLC to Night Woods Ventures, LLC dba Vet to Pets, 1650 C. C. Road, $39,000, June 21.

Ernest Signature Custome Homes, LLC to Daniel L. Fountain and Erin M. Fountain, 22143 Highway 144 E., $361,250, June 21.

Ameris Bank to HMAF LLC, 748 Silk Hope Drive, $75,000, June 22.

Nicholas G. Simpson and Sara A Simpson to Stephen W. Holden, IV, 25 Ashley Court, $197,500, June 22.

Vincent N. Vu to Chantal Lampron, 20 Sail Maker Lane, $263,000, July 6.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Rafik Ben Abda and Faten Hidoussi, 30 Timberland Circle, $347,041, July 6.

Michael Chesnut to Craig D. McEwan, 66 Mill Run Lane, $350,000, July 10, 2107.

Dream Finders Homes, LLC to Jerome Cirota, Kathy Cirota and Mandy Anderson, 138 Lake Lilly Drive, $173,520, July 10.

Donna R. Plumstead to Micah H. Rahn and Ashley P. Rahn, 300 Waterford Landing Road, $465,000, July 10.

Timothy D. Young to James E. Young, Jr, 304 Holly Hill Road, $26,950, July 10.

JCH Builders, LLC to Paul Gatlin and Sarah Stephany, 289 Maddy Way, $426,748, July 11.

Tyson A. Mueller to Andrew Nelson and Emma E. Nelson, 340 Summer Hill Way, $204,500, July 11.

Pedro Brenner to John O. Green and Heather M. Green, 65 Fairview Drive, $305,000, July 11.

Kenneth M. Hibbs to Amanda Anderson Linton, 260 Misty Drive, $282,000, July 11.

JJ&Z Builders, LLC to Michael Whirt and Rachael H. Whirt, 35 Long Creek Lane, $422,875, July 11.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Brent C. Chesley and Lauren G. Chesley, 1717 Castleoak Drive, $263,000, July 11.

Joseph L. Allen to Keith S. Dingee, 550 Delcross Drive, 299,900, July 11.

Tracy D. Mccoy to Anthony C. Newlin and Melissa Escribano as Joint Tenants with rights of survivorship, 286 Saint Catherine Circle, $590,000, July 11.

Randall Grubb to Leanne E. Brindle, 467 Brothwell Drive, $293,000, July 11.

Shirley Kemp to AH4R Properties, LLC, 90 Summer Hill Way, $174,000, July 17.

Stephen Brim to Brett T. Barnes, 43 Moreton Drive, Richmond Hill, $294,000, July 11.

Richard G. Quinn and Margene W. Quinn to Steven J. Milliet and Kandyce Fusilier, Jr., 288 Sterling Woods Drive, $367,625, July 11.

Joseph Traylor to Laura Kyser, 495 Cantle Drive, Richmond Hill, $245,000, July 11.

Nicole Boyle to Andrew Westlund, 8 Broken Bit Road, Ellabell, $222,000, July 12.

Kelly J. Gaston to Jeremy Robert Evans and Lauren Elizabeth Evans, 473 Sunbury Drive, $253,000, July 12.

Dream Finders Homes, LLC to Paul W. Durfee, Trustee of the Paul W. Durfee Revocable Living Trust, 70 Long Creek Lane, $465,000, July 12.

Dream Finders Homes, LLC to Danny J. Blanchard and Erin E. Blanchard, 134 Lake Lilly Drive, $186,000, July 12.

Jeffrey T. Reilly to Jeremy T. Milbaugh, 85 Alexander Way, $248,900, July 12.

D. R. Horton, Inc. to Jeremy Ronald Brast, 118 Palmer Place, Richmond Hill, $235,900, July 13.

Michael Andrew Vail to Daniel Ray, 54 Richmond Walk Drive, $256,000, July 13.

D.R. Horton, Incs, to James K. Kelley, 122 Palmer Place, Richmond Hill, $260,000, July 13.

Wells Fargo Bank to Dusty Renea Hill, 40 Alex Drive, $100,000, July 13.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Larry Flynn West, Jr. and April Rebecca West, 46 McCrady Drive, $282,000, July 14.

Christopher S. Howe to Lorraine D. Chance, 41 Pembroke Street, Pembroke, $184,000, July 14.

JNO Investments, LLC to Tracy McCoy, 410 Wicklow Drive, $269,900, July 14.

D.R. Horton, Inc. to Maxwell Kwame Shelby, 117 Palmer Place, Richmond Hill, $257,000, July 14.

John W. Roberts to Gayle Edge, 241 Saint Catherine’s Court, $222,888, July 17.

Matthew A. Goncalves to Heather Schaben, 97 Brisbon Hall Drive, $193,000, July 18.

Scott McPhee to Charles G. Rukhaver and Jane C. Ruykhaver, 406 Mingarry Drive, $458,000, July 18.

Daniel Paluch to Stephen J. Cook, 2525 N. Highway 19, $369,000, July 18.

Great Investments of Georgia, Inc. to Henry Gilliard, 200 Lucious Drive, Pembroke, $22,500, July 17.

Stephanie Berry to Neal Kerckhoff, 260 Canyon Oak Loop, $145,000, July 17.

Kelly L. Morrison to David Gilbert and Kallie Gilbert as Joint Tenants with rights of survivorship, 358 Gandy Cut, $229,900, July 17.

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