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Property transfers for Jan. 12
house sale
Property transfers filed with the Bryan County Clerk of Courts at the courthouse in Pembroke.

Property transfers filed with the Bryan County Clerk of Courts at the courthouse in Pembroke through Jan. 9:

Melanie H. Smith to Jason B. Heath, 3445 Hwy 280 East, $86,500, Dec. 29.

Sinkhole, LLC to Wayne Stamp and Wavelene Stamp, 169 Countryside Drive, $35,000, Dec. 29.

Andrea A. Taylor to Graeme Thom, 79 E. Cranston Drive, $403,000, Dec. 29.

Michael R. Barr to Brooks L. Julius, 10 Vining Way, $250,000, Dec. 28.

Timothy S. Colmer to Roberto Lopez and Alexa Isabel Lopez, 930 Groveland Nevils Road, $23,000, Jan. 2.

Monica A. Herbert to Allen Lancaster, 51 Blue Wing Drive, $138,000, Jan. 2.

Todd Eric Twiggs to Rigoberto Reyes Hernandez and Erica Reyes, 25 Oscar Court, $174,900, Jan. 2.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Paul R. Gaeth and Candice M. Gaeth, 260 Smoke Rise Road, $264,020, Jan. 2.

Kay A. Miller to Juan M. Nazariconde and Nicole Nazario, 250 Red Oak Drive, $170,000, December 2.

Thomas C. Lapp to Clinton Kevin Kearney DBA Procuts Landscape Management, 1399 Wildwood Church Road, $210,000, Jan. 2.

Willie P. Johnson to Brandon M. Shepp, 40 Chey Hill Lane, $199,500, Jan. 2.

Matthew A. Ratliff to Matthew Kilmer, 84 Saddlebrush Road, $208,000, Jan. 8.

Sandra N. Roldan to Diane Ouimette, 28 Glue Wing Drive, $141,000, Jan. 5.

Christopher Lee Nash to Hetal Patel, 215 Fairview Drive, $435,000, Jan. 5.

Selene Finance, LLP to Travis S. Morrison and Rebecca A. Morrison, 17 Oak Pointe Drive, $188,650, Jan. 5.

Jake Ransom Reynolds to Christopher Toan Tan Nguyen and Sarah Pate Nguyen, 2384 Garden Hills Loop, $279,900, Jan. 5.

Tiffany A. Medlock to Nathaniel Paul Bryant, 460 Dalcross Drive, $327,500, Jan. 5.

Andrew D. Kirby to Tracey Michelle Marquez, 150 Summer Hill Way, $187,900, Jan. 5.

Brandi Faye Mayne and michael Thomas Mayne to Michael W. Forsythe and Laura L. Buckingham, 9 Oak Creek Court, $275,000, Jan. 5.

Jayantkumar Patel, Sweeney Patel and Bhagtiben Patel to Loanne Tran, 285 Cypress Pointe Drive, $128,000, Jan. 5.

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