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Property transfers for Feb. 2
house sale

Property transfers on file at the Bryan County Courthouse in January.

Primary Capital Mortgage, LLC to Edward Dennis, Jr., 111 Patterson Road, Pembroke, $57,000, Jan. 25.

James Jason Boland to Gregory Reid and April Reid, 420 Kilkenny Road, $89,000, Jan. 26.

Greyfield Development, LLC to Christopher W. Polston, 10 Ross Way, $152,000, Jan. 27.

K. Hovnanian Homes at Creekside, LLC to Audrea Yvette Leon, 250 Smoke Rise Road, Richmond Hill, $262,763, Jan. 30.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC. to Christopher L. Kletzien and Karla Kletzien, 1161 Castleoak Drive, $260,447, Jan. 30.

Jackie F. Brewton to Desiree Powers, 902 Bell Road, $105,000, Jan. 30.

John A. Murphy to Thomas S. Schillo, 105 Bark Branch Road, $209,900, Jan. 30.

Amy L. Smedley to Bernard Wheeler, 25 Downie Court, $259,000, Jan. 30.

Christopher B. Hakanson to Bryan L. Wingate, 75 Zachary Trail, $143,500, Jan. 30.

Johnnie Franklin Mintz to Edward Dennis, Jr., 231 Warnell Street, Pembroke, $77,250, Jan. 5.

Neal R. Poythress to Poythress Cox Properties, LLC, 300 W. Bacon Street, Pembroke, $200,000, Jan. 20.

D.R. Norton, INC. to Heather Scraben, 70 Dove Drake Drive, Richmond Hill, $293,000, Jan. 4.

D.R. Norton, INC. to Victoria Cashio and Luke Cashio, 215 Dove Drake Drive, Richmond Hill, $290,000, Jan. 4.

K. Hovnanian Homes at Creekside, LLC to Robin W. Williams and Jasmine L. Williams, 5 Shelton Street, Richmond Hill, $270,816, Jan. 10.

William R. Becker and Cherie P. Todd-Becker to Jennifer C. Lopers, 65 Parker Lane, Richmond Hill, $289,000, Jan. 18.

Dream Finders Homes, LLC to David W. Ogden and Jessica L. Ogden, 175 Wildlife View Court N, $345,496, Jan. 4.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Julius A. Mitchell and Simone T. Mitchell, 1317 Castleoak Drive, $254,914, Jan. 4.

Black Creek Development Co., LLC to Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC, 70 J R Drive, $17,500, Jan. 5.

Landmark 24 Homes of Savannah, LLC to Damian G. Webb, 232 Whitaker Way N., $300,446, Jan. 6.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Richard K. Adams, 2667 Garden Hills Loop, $270,000, Jan. 6.

Kyle W. Kincaid to Andrea Witherspoon and Erik McGregor, 448 McGregor Circle, $320,000, Jan. 9.

Susan MacMillan to Ashley K. Bell, 165 Cool Breeze Lane, $280,000, Jan. 9.

John A. Murphy to Kyle W. Kincaid, 125 Bark Branch Road, $210,000, Jan. 10.

Estate of Christina L. Leggett to Francis Mullins and Carole Ho. Mullins, 872 Oxford Drive, $223,900, Jan. 10.

Brian J. Bridges and Amand H. Bridges to Amanda Hollar, 195 Mackay Drive, $181,651, Jan. 11.

Keller Enterprises, LLC to Loanne Tran, 45 Walker Court, $148,000, Jan. 11.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Michael John Caputo, Sr. and Laura Whitener Caputo, 815 Canyon Oak Loop, $131,900, Jan. 12.

Linda S. Villee to Richard M. Brown, 210 Spanish Moss Lane, $95,000.

Nancy L. Frye to Simcoe at Buckeye, LLC, 401 Buckeye Drive, $121,900, Jan. 17.

Hoke S. Hayes to Earl Quarterman, 380 Joshua Circle, $130,000, January, 18.

Ernest Signature Custom Homes, LLC to Chad R. Morrison, 227 Saddlebrook Drive, $291,190, Jan. 19.

Michael Roberts Construction, LLC to James S. Walker, 615 Savannah Road, $464,001, Jan. 19.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Sean M. Fitzgerald and Amanda M. Fitzgerald, 75 Frank Edwards Road, $189,858, Jan. 19.

Michael D. Drieu to Timothy C. Deane, 301 Marshview Drive, $238,000, Jan. 19.

Joraun D. Latta to Andrew Nash and Jessica Nash, 33 Waters Cove, $289,500, Jan. 19.

Steven A. Ratliff, Jr. to Samuel A. Garcia, 67 Miner Drive, $169,000, Jan. 19.

Kathleen J. Williams and James R. Williams to Esteban Chavez, 5324 Highway 80, $79,000, Jan. 20.

Eric M. Walthall to Brandon James Korn, 232 Cottonham Court, $239,000, Jan. 24.

Charlie F. Vining, Sr. to Tyler A. Gary 255 Saddle Brook Drive, $308,800, Jan. 24.

David G. Guida to Mark D. Boles and Jennifer Boles, 350 Clark Street, $146,000, Jan. 25.

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