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Exposing business to consumers
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While driving down Daniel Siding last week, I came across a young man in the ditch. He was not alone - his car was with him. As I drove by, I noticed that he was just standing there. I expected to see him on a cell phone calling for help. What if he didn’t have a phone? The road leading to Waterford Landing is not the most traveled road in town during the week in the middle of the day. So, I stopped. Sure enough - no phone. I offered my phone so that he could rally reinforcements. Someone was on the way but it would be at least an hour before he could get out there. I made sure the young man was okay and drove on to my original destination in Waterford. I passed back by about 30 minutes later and someone else had stopped with a truck to offer assistance. I love this town.

This muddy ditch experience seemed to have a lot in common with doing business in Bryan County. Most of us have or knows someone who has found themselves stuck in a ditch. Hopefully, we have the resources to pull ourselves out. If not, it sure is helpful when other folks come along and offer a hand. In business, these people can be those that have knowledge, expertise and experience being where you are. They can also be the consumers that support our business. Either way, if these folks don’t know your business is out there, how will they ever know to come on by?

The Richmond Hill Bryan County Business Expo looks to provide another venue in which to bridge that gap. A yearly event, the Business Expo gathers different businesses from around town into one central location and gives the community the opportunity to see what goods and services Bryan County has to offer.

This year’s Expo committee includes Shirley Heagerty, chair, John Reynolds, vice chair and Michelle Englehart, past chair as well as participants of Leadership Bryan County and local business people. The first meeting was full of ideas to create an atmosphere that benefited both business owners and the local consumer. "Our main goal is to introduce or reconnect the community with local businesses," says Shirley.

The Expo boasted 69 businesses last year and over 600 attendees. The attendance has steadily grown over the years. This year, the committee hopes to increase the number of business booths to around 75 to accommodate the interest from businesses to participate. With more businesses participating, it is likely the attendance will follow suit.

The Richmond Hill and Bryan County 2008 Business Expo is scheduled for April 18 and 19 at the Richmond Hill Recreation Center. The Friday event on the 18th is slotted as a business to business gathering. This gives Expo participants an opportunity to view the booths and become better acquainted with other business owners in the area before the general public arrives.

The Saturday event on the 19th is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is open to the public free of charge.

Businesses that wish to participate or individuals who would like to help out can get more information by calling the Chamber of Commerce at 756-3444 or Shirley Heagerty at 756-7113.

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