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Bryan gets new ag, resources Extension agent
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UGA Extension

Bryan County has a new, full-time agriculture and natural resources agent. Richard Evans started the first of January and is busy meeting the people and learning the businesses that make up the diverse agricultural industry in Bryan County.

When I left that position over five years ago, the downturn in the economy resulted in the position not being filled. The Bryan County Commission has always been ready to fund its part of the position, but UGA did not have the funds to match, until last May. Bryan and McIntosh county commissioners both acted to secure the only two new agent positions in the 40-county Southeast District, and Richard was selected as the best match for Bryan.

He needs to get to know you and you need to get to know him, so I am relinquishing the column space the Bryan County News has so generously provided to UGA Extension so he and you, dear readers, can do just that.

I have tried to provide what support to Bryan County that I could while the position was vacant, and I count many of you as friends. But now the baton is being passed to a new, fresh runner. So continue reading and enjoy

— Don Gardner

As Don mentioned, I am the new ANR agent in Bryan County. I am honored to be able to follow the footsteps of such a respected individual and I only hope to be able to bring the same enthusiasm he has to the position.

I am from Byron, and recently graduated from the University of Georgia with a Master’s Degree in Entomology. That is the study of insects. Basically I spent two years with no life other than trying to find ways to kill the pests.

As a graduate student, I was always told that entomologists existed to kill insects, something that is hard for many of us in the field. Most of us love bugs. We don’t want to kill them. Now I am in the business of bringing information to you on how to kill or get rid of these pests as part of the many responsibilities.

I hope to be of service in any way possible to you. Please call the Bryan County Cooperative Extension Office (912-653-2231) with questions regarding plants, trees, fruits, vegetables, lawn, livestock, or any natural resource you can think of. I am here to serve you and help solve problems, so please don’t hesitate.

I look forward to bringing you information for the problems we deal with in this county.

— Richard Evans

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