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19 Mother's Day gift ideas for moms with infants and toddlers
Brace yourself. Mother's Day is coming. And you're definitely going to spend for it. - photo by Herb Scribner
Mothers Day is about two weeks away, but Americans are already out shopping.

A new report from IBISWorld found that there will be a 1.7 percent increase in Mothers Day spending in 2015 compared to last year. American shoppers will spend about $170 on average for Mothers Day, which equates to more than $20 billion total across the country, according to the report.

Most shoppers are opting to buy their mothers jewelry or take them out for the night, according to the report.

Moms will have plenty to look forward to this year, as an improving economy is expected to boost retail spending across eight of the 10 most popular product categories for Mothers Day, IBISWorld reported.

Aside from increased spending on jewelry and a night out, IBISWorld also predicts Americans will buy household tools for mom to keep the home clean and safe for their children. Heres a look at 19 of those gifts, which are perfect for both new mothers and mothers with older children.

Deluxe SnoozeShade for infant car seats and strollers

Cost: $40 to $60

These shades fit over car seats and strollers to protect children from getting too much sunlight. They include a zipper that allows parents to peek in and check on their child.

bebePOD Flex Plus

Cost: $65

This isnt your typical infant seat. It can be converted from a floor seat to a chair-mounted seat. It can be used in restaurants, on picnics or in the house.

2-in-1 diaper DEPOT

Cost: $20

Changing diapers has never been so easy. This 2-in-1 diaper DEPOT allows you to store all your baby-changing needs in one component, or break it apart and spread the pieces across your house.

3-in-1 POTTY

Cost: $35

This mini-toilet works for kids of all ages. Its good for youngsters learning to potty train, for children who need a step stool to use the big potty and for those ready to use it as their own personal toilet.

Deluxe drying STATION

Cost: $18

This is the ultimate dish drier. It can fit 16 pieces of dishware, including sippy cups and bottles.

Deluxe Infant Dishwasher Basket

Cost: $8

Put this basket in your dishwasher to clean those baby dishware products.


Cost: $14

Time for your baby to start looking fancy when they sit in a high chair? This seat is an elegant booster seat that fits well with dining chairs.

Chewbeads Bleecker Necklace

Cost: $34.50

Mothers who want to help their teething children will want one of these necklaces, which mothers can wear around their neck and make easily accessible to their babies.

Itzy Ritzy Nursing Happens Infinity Nursing Covers

Cost: $24.99

New mothers who breastfeed their children can use this fashionable scarf that turns into a nursing cover.

Puj Tub

Cost: $44.99

Parents can use this tub in the sink or bath to keep their child away from harsh surfaces.

The Valco Baby Universal Stroller Caddy

Cost: $39.99

This stroller caddy allows parents to keep water bottles and drinks away from the sun when out walking their children.

Baby Shusher

Cost: $31.50

The Baby Shusher uses rhythmic sounds to calm screaming babies.

Beaba Babycook Pro

Cost: $149.95

This is the all-in-one cooking appliance for mothers. It cooks, steams, blends and reheats food. Not a bad product for new mothers who have little time to cook a meal.


Cost: $9.50

Mothers can keep meals cool and unharmed with these storage bags.


Cost: $5.50 to $7.50

If youre tired of losing pacifiers or cups, these leashes attach to your babys bottles and keep them from getting lost when your child drops them.


Cost: $19.99

This mat will help catch the food and drink that your child can't hold onto.

The Ollie Swaddle

Cost: $48

Babies enjoy being coddled, and The Ollie Swaddle will help with that and put them to sleep with ease.


Cost: $29.99

The BubbleBum is a stylish inflatable car booster seat for your child.


Cost: $13.99

MyBuckleMate organizes car buckles to help children easily buckle their seatbelts. Mothers can use this when theyre going on a long road trip with family.
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