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Bryan residents recall Sept. 11
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Bryan County residents will commemorate the seventh anniversary of the events of Sept. 11, 2001 this week. Many will mark the occasion through quiet prayer or reflection.

"We usually have prayer and a moment of silence," said local area resident Bryan Mallard. "I think it’s important for people to remember that we are at war because of it, and to remember those that died there."

Samuel Ortiz agrees.

"I’ll be remembering what happened," he said. "People should help keep our country secure, and help our government so that it can keep us safe."

For Micah McGowan, the events of Sept. 11 changed the way she thinks about her daily routine.

"Before that time, we took a lot of things for granted," she said. "You see your loved ones in the morning, and they go off to work, and then they’re gone and you expect to see them again in the afternoon."

McGowan added that since September 11, Americans should be more mindful of other countries.

"There are nations that may have problems with us," she said. "And we need to realize that there’s a lot more world out there."

For others, Sept. 11 has been a call to action.

"I’m trying to get into the Army," said Philip Bates. "So that’s one way that I’ll be remembering."

Bates added that in his former career as a teacher, he helped his students write letters to the fire department and others involved in saving lives during the attacks. He stressed the importance of remembering the firefighters and other rescuers who died that day.

"We should always keep them in mind," he said.

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