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Bryan County Sheriff's Office blotter
BCN Sheriff;s blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:


Terroristic threats: A Buckhead South man reported Oct. 10 he was headed east on Highway 144 about 5:20 p.m. when a man driving a white pickup “attempted to pass him several times and could not due to oncoming traffic.”

The complainant said he was driving the speed limit and the man in the white pickup, described as about 6 feet tall, bald and “45 years old” was tailgating him and nearly hit him.

“The truck had an LED light bar on the front grill that he kept turning on,” the complainant said, noting he went to his neighborhood and turned into his driveway.

“The driver of the truck followed him to his residence. The driver of the truck existed his vehicle and walked up to (complainant’s) vehicle that was parked in his driveway. (Complainant) was still in his vehicle. The driver of the truck had a large hammer in his hand and started to swing it at (complainant’s) vehicle.”
However, the vehicle was not hit, though the complainant said he called 911 “in far for his life.”

A neighbor saw the man with the hammer walk away from the complainant, get in his pickup and drive away. The pickup was described and the area was checked, but deputies had no luck, the report said.


Theft: A Twin City man reported Oct. 12 he was taking his kids fishing on the Ogeechee River and when got back to the Morgan’ Bridge boat ramp “to take the boat out he noticed the boat trailer had been stolen from the hitch on his truck.” It was a new-to-him trailer and he couldn't give much of a description, but told deputies he'd call back with more information.

Matter of record: A woman called deputies to her Ellabell home on Oct. 14 regarding a man who wouldn’t leave.

The woman told deputies “she let her friend stay the night after working on her bathroom to save him some gas money. (She) stated she felt it was time for (him) to leave and he refused to do so. (She) said he appeared to be acting strange. (She) stated he did not live in her residence.”

Deputies found the man “in the residence sitting in a recliner watching television.” 

He was asked to leave and did, but noted “he would come back at a later time to recover property he was leaving behind to install (the woman’s) bathroom.”
The man was told to call deputies before he did so they could stand by.


Aggravated assault, shots fired, etc: Deputies and a Pembroke Police Department officer were called to a Highway 67 address in Pembroke around midnight Oct. 13 due to reports of between three to six shots fired after a fight. One witness claimed  “someone from Effingham pulled up in a dark colored Toyota Camry and pulled a gun and started shooting.”

That witness said he didn’t know who the people were or why they were shooting.

Neighbors said earlier they saw “several people fighting one person and that they beat and kicked the car as the person drove out of the driveway. Later a car pulled back in and followed by several other vehicles, approximately 6-10 vehicles, at that time the car pulled around the yard and he could see the passenger in the car firing a pistol out of the window. The neighbor states that it appeared the gun was pointed up in the air at the time it was being fired.”

The vehicles then sped off.

Another juvenile witness told deputies that he saw “sparks where it appeared the bullets were hitting rocks in the driveway, (and) afraid he would be hit by a stray bullet, he grabbed his girlfriend and jumped in the truck and left the area.”
That witness said he didn’t know who the people were, but did say there was a fight earlier in the night “with someone from Effingham.”


Suspicious activity: An Ellabell woman reported after the fact that around 11:30 p.m. on Oct. 10, “someone came to her door and started banging on it.”
The woman said “she is blind but knows voices real well,” and when she asked who the person was “the male answered Ziggy, she said she knew it wasn’t Ziggy because he does yard work and other jobs around the house for her,” so she told the person knocking “I know this isn’t Ziggy who are you,” and the person left.

The woman said she talked to Ziggy and “told him someone was going around pretending to be him,” and he gave her the name of someone it might be, “who has done it before.”

The woman told the deputy she just wanted BCSO to be aware of what was happening “and would like for us to ride by to make sure no one is hanging around her place.”



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