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Verbal dispute, harassing phone calls, pedestrian under the influence
BCN Sheriff;s blotter

The following are obtained from Bryan County Sheriff's Office reports.

Deputies were sent to a North Bryan address on Sunday where they met a man who said things didn’t go as planned when he went to a Black Creek store around 3 p.m. Sunday.

“(He) said he parked his pickup near the front entrance of the store,” the report said. “(He) said he began to step out of his truck and went to put his foot on the ground and misjudged his clearance due to a significant size pothole in the ground. (He) fell and hit the ground very hard. The pothole was full of water and (he) thought the ground was solid and not a pothole. (He) said he managed to notify the clerk before leaving and heading back to his residence.”

The man had cuts on his arms and legs and claimed to be in pain, but didn’t want EMS. The man did say he’d had a number of back surgeries “and he is afraid something may have messed up during the fall.”

He wanted a report done for the record. The deputy then went to the store, and spoke with the store clerk, who said she was familiar with the situation and had told the store owner what happened. The deputy then scoped out the parking lot.

“While walking back to my patrol vehicle I looked at the parking lot,” the deputy reported. “I easily observed several potholes throughout several different parking spaces full of water.”

Verbal dispute: Deputies were sent Friday to an Ellabell address “in reference to a female with an altered mental status,” a report said.

There, a deputy spoke with the woman’s husband, who said “that the relationship between he and his wife was deteriorating due to her abuse of pain medications and from him losing her cat a few months ago.”

The man said his wife goes through “episodes” where she is upset about the lost cat and she takes it out on him and the house and threatens suicide.

On Friday, the man said he got home “a little later than usual and had found that she had gone around the neighborhood looking for him, then demanded that they go look for the cat, then threw potted plants around the back yard, then smacked her head into the door saying that he was going to be arrested, then threatened to kill herself.” The deputy then spoke with the wife, who “seemed to be under the influence of narcotics and she was insolent in her tone,” the report said. “She stated that her husband had lost her cat and that she just wanted him to leave her alone.”

The woman told authorities her husband hadn’t hit or and she wasn’t suicidal and all she wanted was for her husband to leave her alone. The husband left he house for a while.

Driving while license suspended: A woman reported Saturday that a black pickup ran her off the road on Highway 204 near Price’s Junkyard. As deputies responded, one found the pickup on 204 near Toni Branch Road and pulled it over. Both the driver and his female passenger said they hadn’t run anybody off the road, but the driver had a suspended license and was promptly arrested and taken to Bryan County Jail.

The deputy then went back to talk to the complainant, a woman who said the black pickup tailgated her from Chatham County into Bryan County, then pulled up alongside her.

“She observed a young male driver and a young female passenger,” the woman told the deputy.

“She stated that the occupants of the (pickup) then looked at her, laughed, and then intentionally swerved into her lane causing her to nearly be run off the roadway. She stated that the vehicle then tried to speed off but she was able to get the prefix of the license plate.”

The deputy noted he couldn’t press charges against the driver since he didn’t see the incident, but explained warrant procedures to the woman “should she decide to attempt obtaining one.”

Harassing phone calls: A deputy as sent to a Richmond Hill address Friday where he was told by a husband and wife that they “started receiving harassing phone calls at their residence earlier in the day,” a report said.

The caller “sounds like an older white female, possibly in her 60s or older,” the couple told BCSO. “(The husband) stated that the caller called him vulgar names and stated that he needs to ‘move out of town, you fat (expletive),” and you have ‘ruined my life.’” The husband said he has no idea who is calling them because the number was blocked, but did contact Century Link about the incident and was told to “dial *57 after each call to make a log of each incident.”

The wife said she got several more calls in which the unknown caller claims her husband “has ruined everything and she has called the FBI to report (the couple),” the report said. There were no threats of physical harm, but the couple asked for extra patrols until the caller is stopped.

Deputies told them to report any additional calls to BCS0.

Pedestrian under influence, more: An Ellabell man is under arrest after he apparently ran amok around 2 a.m. Sunday. Deputies were sent to the Creekside Circle home “in reference to a report of multiple people in a house with an unknown disturbance,” a deputy reported, noting that while he was on the way to the home he saw a man who lives there “running on Carlos Cowart Road,” who began waving at the deputy.

The man was known to the deputy. He also was “covered in mud, sand and was only wearing a pair of boxer cut underwear,” the report said.

The man, who had been arrested on drug charges before, was detained while BCSO investigated the disturbance. He was described as “sweating profusely despite the relatively cool temperature,” and was also breathing heavily and had dilated pupils and blood “around the base of his nose,” the report said.

He claimed several people had chased him “around the area,” but the deputy didn’t see anyone else.

He did see that someone had fired a shotgun inside the house. “Upon entering the master bedroom I detected an odor I associate with recently fired firearms or firecrackers, and noticed a recently discharged shotgun cartridge and shampoo dripping from an apparent shotgun blast to the bathroom area. No sign of forced entry or attempted burglary was apparent.”

The man said he fired his shotgun because he was scared, the report said. “The shotgun blast exited the wall into his garage in the direction of the street outside which provided a substantial risk to the immediate public.”

The man was arrested and taken to jail.

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