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Bryan County Sheriff's Office blotter through Sept. 29
BCN Sheriff;s blotter

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Damage to property: An Ellabell man reported damage to his mailbox Monday. The man said “he believes he is the target of a group of local teenagers who may be destroying his property in an attempt to harass him. The complainant explained that several of the local teenagers constantly yell obscenities at him every time he is in his own yard if they happen to drive or walk past his residence.”

Harassing text messages: A man reported Sept. 26 he “stated that he has been receiving multiple text messages from an unknown subject from (a number with a New Mexico area code) stating that if he does not send him $75 he would release nude photos of his father through various forms of social media.”

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to an Ellabell address Sept. 26 regarding “shots being fired next door.” The complainant said her neighbors “fired a gun about 20 times according to her recollection. (She) stated she wanted the actions addressed because of the close proximity to other residences; and the overabundance of children in the area.”

The deputy went next door and spoke to a woman who said “the shots were being fired under a controlled situation, to dispatch a pig for slaughter. I asked (her) if at any time did the shots go anywhere but the pig, she said no.”

The deputy said he then told the woman she shouldn’tbe firing a gun on her property because of its proximity to other homes. She told the deputy she understood and it wouldn’t happen again.

Stolen property: A deputy met with a man on Sept. 29 regarding “him possibly locating property that was stolen from him in Bulloch County.”

The complainant said he reported the property stolen Sept. 26 in Bulloch County, and he and his brother- in-law were looking on “and found what appeared to be his stolen dog box, ladder for a truck, and a diamond plate toolbox.”

The man described the dog box as “silver with two doors, a rebel flag positioned between the two door at the top, with two lights one on either side of the doors at the top with the left one being broken. He described the toolbox as one for a Ford Ranger with diamond plate on top, a lock on one side and the make of it in black on the front.”

The man gave the deputy the name and number of the man listed as the seller, and the deputy checked out he man’s address “and observed from a the ditch with a flashlight that the items chained to a phone cable sign at that property did match the description provided by the complainant.” The deputy further reported that Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office had a report on file regarding the stolen property. Because it was night, the case was turned over to the day shift.

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