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Bryan County Sheriff's Department reports
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Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reports:


Sept. 4 – An Ellabell man reported a car stolen. The man said he listed a 1991 Olds Cutlass for sale in a shopper for $500. He said a South Carolina man made a $200 deposit on the car and said he would pay the balance when he came to pick it up – with a wrecker, since the car didn’t run.

Instead, "complainant stated upon returning home from being gone over the holiday weekend the above stated vehicle was missing," a report said. "Complainant suspects the above stated offender came while they were gone and got the vehicle without permission or paying the balance due." The alleged theft is under investigation.

Sept. 4 – A deputy was sent to the Hwy. 280 Package Shop regarding counterfeit money. The complainant said a man bought something with a $50 bill and left with his change before she checked to see if it was bogus.

It was, according to the report. Then, another man came in and tried to buy something with a $50. The woman told BCSD she tested it first and it turned up counterfeit, so she refused to accept it. She also told BCSD it had the same serial number as the first counterfeit $50. The case is under investigation.

Sept. 4 – A Sterling Road resident reported a camera stolen from his unlocked car while the car was parked in his driveway overnight.



Sept. 5 – A Richmond Hill woman reported her ex-boyfriend was harassing her. The woman said they broke up in March and she hadn’t heard from him until Sept. 1, when he began calling and text messaging abusive comments.

Sept. 5 – This report is just weird. "On September 5, 2009 at approximately 0156 hours while on patrol I was following a white in color Jeep Cherokee on Belfast Keller Rd. The Jeep had no tag lights and no tag on it. I executed a motor vehicle stop on Belfast Keller Rd. at the entrance to Marsh Harbor. The vehicle pulled into Marsh Harbor and hit the curb. The driver opened the door with the vehicle still moving and began running toward Belfast Keller Rd. The vehicle continued to roll forward and almost hit a mailbox. The passenger moved to the drivers seat and managed to get the vehicle stopped before it hit anything. The owner of the vehicle … was the passenger who moved into the driver’s seat. I asked (the owner) who the driver of the vehicle was he stated that he did not know. (The owner) stated he picked the guy up and let him drive them around. Passengers also in the vehicle were (two males) .. they had the same story as (the owner). The owner gave consent to search the vehicle nothing was found. The owner was given verbal warnings inreference to the traffic violations released. We searched for the subject that ran from the vehicle, he was not found."  Told you it was weird.


Sept. 5 – An Ellabell man was arrested for possession of marijuana after a traffic stop on Hwy 30 near Groover Hill Road in Ellabell.

Sept. 2 – A Richmond Hill woman reported her boyfriend assaulted her the night before because he was jealous over an ex-boyfriend. The woman had some signs of injury and got treatment for sprains and bruises, the report said. Warrant procedures were explained.

Sept. 2 – Deputies were called to a home in Richmond Hill regarding "a door that had the glass broken out of it." The complainants were two men driving around looking for work at construction sites who saw the damage and called 911. Deputies checked the house and found other damage. They contacted the owner, who’d actually lost the home to foreclosure in December. He told them the door was worth $1,800 and the home was valued at $1 million – and the home now belonged to Bank of America. A deputy called BoA and spoke to a representative. "He advised that they were grateful for the information and they may get someone to check the damage."

Sept. 1 – A Statesboro man reported he was driving east on I-16 at approximately 5:30 a.m. when the tire on a semi in front of him "blew off the front trailer and he ran over the tire causing damage to the front end of the vehicle," a report said. The man got a tag number and also told BCSD he had contacted the trucking company.

Aug. 31 – An Ellabell man reported his stepson got mad at him after an argument and broke the windows out of his truck with a chain. The stepson was gone when the deputy arrived.


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