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Bryan County residents say what they are most thankful for

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful and count our blessings. It’s what its name says it is. In that spirit, a reporter asked a number of Bryan County residents by email to tell us what they are MOST most thankful for in 2021 – using all caps to make sure they saw the word “most.”

Here are some of the replies.

Lavetris Singleton, Richmond Hill:

“I am most thankful for the health and healing of my family and friends. I’m thankful that in the midst of a pandemic my loved ones are healthy and thriving. I’m thankful that God has kept me and my family safe while giving us constant reminders that He is in control. This year has been hard but it’s been amazing at the same time and for those blessings I am most thankful.”

Lori Tyson, Pembroke:

This year I am most thankful for my family. Not only for our extended family and their health, but for our Son Gavin, and our new daughter and rainbow baby, Ada Caroline, born this May. God has been so good to my husband and I, and we are blessed far more than we deserve. Family is more valuable than any earthly procession, and I am a rich woman because of mine.

Laura Evans and Whitney Feasal of Edward Jones in Richmond Hill:

“We wouldn’t necessarily say we are MOST thankful for this, but Whitney and I love working in a building with big windows so we can see the cardinals and bluebirds and wrens and chickadees that come to dine at our feeders. They bring us joy every day.

Rena Patton, Richmond Hill:

“Well, as usual, I am having trouble making up my mind about the assignment: What are you MOST thankful for this thanksgiving? Of course it’s the people. Of course it’s the vaccine. Of course it’s the trees. Of course it’s the birds. Of course it’s breath. Of course it’s dogs. Of course it’s books. But acknowledging all of these in their proper places — people first—here is what I have decided: this year I am most thankful for words. Of course we could begin with The Word. And from there we could go to the magical and absurd power that God gave to Adam and Eve: the power to name. From that power all relationships and blessings flow. Words of blessing, of powerful encouragement, of knowledge handed down over millennia. Words to build faith and science upon. Words to build friendships and marriages and families upon. Of course they can be used badly. Free will and all that. So my thankfulness is tempered with caution and sometimes regret, .but there is another word for that; apology, which leads, hopefully, to forgiveness, then gratitude, joy and, yes, to Thanksgiving. And newspapers. Amen.”

Allen Clark, Statesboro (works in Pembroke):

"I'm most thankful to have a job. In this day and time to be working is a blessing."

Dr. Samose Mays, Richmond Hill:

"I am thankful for my faith in God, my wife, my children and the opportunity to lead Parks & Recreation in Bryan County."

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