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Bring one for the chipper
Recycle your Christmas tree when the holiday is over by taking it to J.F. Gregory Park
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Now that Christmas has come and gone, you may be wondering what to do with your Christmas tree. The City of Richmond Hill may just have an environment-friendly solution for you.

City officials are urging residents throughout the county to take their tree to J.F. Gregory Park, where there is currently a marked drop-off spot. Park employees plan to run the trees through a chipper. Trees are chipped into mulch, to be used for public beautification projects.

If you bring your tree to the park on Jan. 9 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., you will receive vegetable seeds and dogwood seedlings, as well as evergreen mulch, while supplies last.

This is an annual event, known as "Bring One for the Chipper." Hundreds of people took advantage of the service last year.

"This program promotes the recycling of Christmas trees into useable mulch material and provides county residents easy access to a drop-off site," reads a proclamation from the city, which was approved by city council last week.

The proclamation promotes he advantages of recycling and how it "reduces the waste stream, thus saving tax dollars and improving our environment … Richmond Hill is committed to reducing the waste stream, thus helping the state of Georgia reach a per capita waste disposal reduction goal."

For more information, visit the website at or call 800-CLEANUP.

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