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Blotter: Woman finds son's social security number used by crook
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:


Identity theft: An Ellabell woman reported Jan. 3 while running a credit check on her 14-year-old son she found someone had been using his social security number, which was affecting his credit.

The woman said she called the Social Security office and was directed to another number, but that office was closed due to the government shutdown.

The woman then spoke with TransUnion, which confirmed two online bank accounts had been opened using her son’s social security number by an Atlanta woman.  



Theft: A River Bend Road man reported Jan. 6 that two hunting rifles were taken from his pickup. The man told deputies he went hunting that morning, came back around 10 a.m., parked his pickup in his driveway and went inside to get some rest with plans to go hunting again later in the afternoon.

He said he locked his pickup, too, but when he came outside both rifles and the black hard plastic cases they were stored in were gone.

The rifles were described as a black Weatherby .30-06 with a Vortex scope and worth about $800, and a Remington 700 .25-06 with black stock with diamond marbling, stainless steel barrel, Leupold scope worth about $1,800.

There was no sign of forced entry into the pickup, either. The man said he needed to file the report with the pickup’s insurance company.


Threats: A Highway 280 east convenience store employee reported Jan. 5 that a man came in her store shortly before 9 a.m. and asked for a pack of cigarettes. “When she asked for his ID for purchasing cigarettes he became mad. He started to cuss and mumbled threats about gutting somone. She said she wasn’t sure if the threat was directed at her. She said he comes in several times a week and he is always cussing and acting kind of crazy.”

She gave deputies a description of the man’s vehicle.


Damage to property: Same store, different day. Around 3:15 p.m. Jan 6,  deputies were sent to the store because a man drove up in a pickup, then over a cement block at a parking space and “rolled into the building,” the impact damaging a “water spout attached to the building breaking off the spigot,” the report said. “The driver then backed out and started to head toward the fuel pumps and ran into the metal guardrail by the pumps bending it and causing damage to the front of the truck.”

The pickup didn’t belong to the man, whose license was suspended and the pickup was given back to the owner. The driver was also described as very ill and was “checked by EMS and refused to be checked.”

The clerk got a case number.

Hit and run: A woman said she was driving on Highway 204 in Ellabell around 6:30 p.m. Jan. 4 “and as she slowed down for the vehicle in front of her to turn onto Black Creek Church Road, the car behind her did not stop and rear ended her.”

The woman said the car then drove off, “traveling down Porterfield Road and jumping the (railroad tracks) at a high rate of speed.”

There was no damage to her car, but the woman still wanted a report and gave deputies a description of the car.


Suspicious activity: An Ellabell man reported Jan. 3 he was out at his new property and found a 2 liter coke bottle of “Tannerite on some branches in front of his new transformer.”

Tannerite is reportedly a brand of “binary explosive” targets that go boom when hit. The man told the deputy “he did not know if this was someone trying to blow up his new transformer or just someone looking for an area to shoot the bottle.” The man said he had trail cameras set up in the area but found nothing. There were no footprints or tire tracks either. The man kept the bottle and asked for both a report and extra patrols on his property.



Threat by phone: A man reported Jan. 2 that during a phone call a Savannah man threatened to kill him. The victim wanted a report because “(the man) tried to kill him in 2016.”

He was given a case number.



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