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Big bucks in recent transactions
house sale
Property transfers filed with the Bryan County Clerk of Courts office in the courthouse in Pembroke. - photo by File photo

Recent property transactions in June and May add up to millions of dollars, according records on file at the Bryan County Court House in Pembroke.

• In June, Savannah-based Georgia Retreat Village, LLC, bought the shopping center on Ford Avenue which once housed a Kroger and Goodies, along with several smaller retailers and restaurants. The total price for the two parcels was $2.448,400.

The sellers were listed as Ford Avenue Associates, LLC, and Highland 2000, LLC, both with Alpharetta mailing addresses.

• The largest single sale was $10.64 million for a number of townhomes off Harris Trail and Merion Drive, with the seller listed as Harris Trail Towns, LLC, and the buyer as Harris Trail LLC. The transaction was filed May 24. The address for Harris Trail LLC shows an address listed for RSE Capital Partners, a Washington, D.C. real estate investment company.

• A portion of a 45.95 acre tract on Highway 17 near Sgt. Michael Larson Road sold in May for $6.36 million, according to a property transaction on file at the Bryan County Court House in Pembroke.

The buyer is KD Richmond Hill, LLC, a company located in Chicago. A record of the transaction shows the mailing address for KD Richmond Hill is in care of Kairos Living LLC, a Chicago based property management company.

A check of its website shows the company has rental homes in cities scattered around the U.S., including some in Midway.

The property was sold by Coastal Highway LLC, a Savannah-based company.

• A number of lots in The Commons subdivision sold for $2.520 million on May 24. The buyer was listed as The Common’s LLC, and the seller was Shields Investments, LLC. The Common’s LLC address is also listed to 11 Dupont Circle, 9th Floor, the same address as RSE Capital Partners.

• On May 17, Arizona-based JI Interstate West Land, LLC, sold a portion of a 406.8 acre lot off Old Cuyler Road and the Oracal Parkway in the Interstate Centre in Black Creek to JI Interstate West Building for $3.77 million.

On May 9, Enmark Stations, Inc., paid $930,000 for the parcel on the corner of Highway 17 and Harris Trail across the intersection from Food Lion. Construction has already started on an Enmarket at that address.

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