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BCSO reports: Trump flag thief tracked?
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

Theft: A Richmond Hill man reported Nov. 4 he had a problem with people taking his Trump flags off his front lawn. So, he acted.

“(He) stated that he had previously seen a suspicious vehicle with a blond female driver watching him while he was out with his flag. (He) stated that he placed a tracking unit on the flag before it was placed on his flag pole.” That tracking unit “placed its last location near (a trailer park), where the suspicious vehicle he had seen before was located.”

The deputy found the car, but was unable to find the flag or the owner of the suspicious vehicle “or anyone inside the residence.” He gave the man a case number.

Disorderly conduct: Deputies were called to a Richmond Hill address Nov. 5 by parents who said their 30-year-old son had been “drinking alcohol all day and has made threats towards (the parents).”

The mother also said the son “has been loud and had disrupted the household, and has been playing music loud.”

Deputies went to the son’s bedroom,.

“Upon our approach the music coming from (the son’s) bedroom was very loud and was to the point you could not communicate with others through speech.”

After getting the 30-year-old to turn down his music and come out to talk to deputies, but he was so intoxicated they couldn’t talk to him. After he continued to “keep going from calm to loud and boisterous,” the deputies arrested him for disorderly conduct.

Financial card fraud: An Ellabell man reported Nov. 4 his sister had “somehow obtained his bank routing number and bank account number,” from his bank in Pembroke and since March had withdrawn $800 she used to pay her credit card. The man said she lives in South Carolina.

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