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BCSO reports: Teens harrass with burning bags of dog feces
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Public disturbance: A deputy was sent July 9 to a Victors Court, Richmond Hill address “to a report of teens ringing doorbells and lighting bags of dog feces on fire,” a report said.

When the deputy got there he met with a Georgia State Patrol trooper, four “male teenagers” and two residents.

“(Complainant) stated that they have recently moved into the neighborhood and have been getting harassed by local teenagers. (She) stated that their house was egged the night before and received threats of burning dog feces placed on their front porch. (She) stated her and her husband witnessed the teenagers running up and ringing their doorbell tonight.”

The woman told the deputy “she believed it was retaliation for comments she made on the community online forum. (She) did not want to press charges from her property being damaged but just wanted to be left alone and not harassed any further.”

The deputy told the teens what could happen if they kept going down that slippery slope, they apologized and “stated they would not harass them anymore.”

The teens parents were also told “and stated they would see to it the harassment stopped.”

Criminal trespass: A Castle Oak Drive, Richmond Hill woman reported July 10 that workers with Mungo Homes “placed a screen on her window without her consent.”

The woman said the screen was put on a picture window facing the side of another home. “(She) stated when it was asked why this was done; Mungo replied the window was causing the vinyl siding of (a neighbor’s house) to melt. When it was told to Mungo that they did not have the consent to place the screen, they stated ‘don’t you want to help your neighbors.’” She was given a case number.

Wanted: A deputy arrested a woman wanted in Florida on July 9 at a Kathy Drive, Ellabell address.

“We made contact with (the woman) and arrested her without incident. (She) stated that she had a c-section surgery on July 2, 2019 and had several medications she was taking. Dispatch confirmed the warrants through St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office and informed them of the surgery (the woman) had.” Florida authorities wanted the woman held, and she was taken to Bryan County Jail to await extradition.”

Entering autos, vehicle thefts: A Joshua Circle woman reported July 11 someone stole her 2011 GMC Terrain SUV from the driveway. The SUV was reportedly locked. Others in the Joshua Circle area reported their vehicles were entered during the same time period. In one case, a victim “showed me a black in color glasses case that she states does not belong to her,” the report said. “On the inside were several baggies and some marijuana residue.”

The deputy took that for evidence. The woman said nothing of value appeared to be missing.

What’s more, deputies saw a mailbox on Joshua Circle that appeared to have been hit by a “a vehicle leaving the driveway … at a high enough rate of speed that it missed the driveway, entered the grass, hit the culvert pipe and ran over the mailbox.”

The pickup, a GMC Sierra pickup, was also stolen. It was tracked by OnStar to Garrard Avenue and Veterans Parkway in Savannah before the thief disabled the tracking system.

Hit and run: Deputies were sent July 11 to I-16 East around mile marker 143 regarding a wreck involving a Candler County ambulance and two vehicles. The complainant, the ambulance driver, said they were taking a heart patient to the hospital when a pickup truck bumped into them. The woman said when it didn’t seem the pickup driver would stop, she hit her emergency lights and “the truck pulled over.”

After some discussion, the driver of the pickup said he was late for work but gave the ambulance driver his information and left, since no one was hurt.

The deputy got hold of the offender and told him he was still being cited for leaving the scene of an accident. 

Fraud: A Garden Hills Loop, Richmond Hill man told deputies July 13 that his adult son, who has Asperger syndrome, was contacted by “some possibly Middle Eastern people the day before,” a report said, and wound up buying several Target gift cards and giving the callers the pin numbers so he wouldn’t be arrested.

The father said all the cards had been spent by the time his son told him of the incident. The cards were used in Massachusetts. The man said his son also gave the callers his personal info, and deputies told him and his father to “contact their banks, credit unions and advise them of the incident,” and consider buying some sort of ID theft protection.

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