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BCSO reports: Teen tricked into doing something she regrets
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

Child exploitation: Here’s something else for parents to worry about. A deputy was sent to a South Bryan address Sept. 15, where a girl whose age wasn’t revealed was the object of an online attempt to get her to show her breasts.

The mother said her daughter “was on a website (a random chat alternative called Omegle). The daughter thought she was talking to a female girl that was her age.”

“(The daughter) then states that all of a sudden a porn website came up, and the person advised her he was a male and if she did not take off her top and show him her chest, that he was going to send this to her school and other places and tell everyone she was on a porn site.”

The girl told the deputy she was scared, “so she took off her top. She states then she pulled the camera down to block the picture.” The girl then talked to her mother and they called 911 to make a report. The deputy said the case would be turned over to investigators.

Criminal damage to property: Deputies responded to the intersection of Indian Trail and Red Bug Road on Sept. 11 regarding “a local cable company pedestal with multiple holes shot through it. Multiple spent 12 gauge shotshells were found a short distance away along with multiple boot prints, and what appeared to be ATV tracks. The complainant stated that a call for lack of service in the area had first been reported around 9 p.m. on the previous evening with complaints being filed later in the evening. The cable company will contact the sheriff’s office with a total amount of damage after repairs are completed.”

Terroristic threats, disorderly conduct: A deputy was sent to an Interstate Centre warehouse shortly after 4 p.m. Sept. 17 because of a fight between employees. The victim said she and a male employee got into an argument over a piece of equipment about an hour earlier, and they met with a supervisor. Afterward, the victim said the man began “cussing and screaming” at her, and then his girlfriend began threatening her, and there might’ve been an implication that they had a weapon.

The victim said the two said they’d be waiting for her after work, but they left without “further incident,” the report said.

Matter of record: A South Bryan woman reported Sept. 20 that a friend asked her for help because she’d been selling “items online for the past several months and was having problems getting the proceeds from the sales deposited into her PayPal account. (The friend) asked (the complainant) if she could have the proceeds from the sales deposited into (the complainant’s) PayPal account. (The complainant agreed) and the proceeds from the sales were deposited into (the complainant’s) account. Then (the complainant) would transfer the money to (the friend’s) PayPal account.”

Except that the complainant “just found out recently from one of (the friend’s relatives that (the friend) was stealing money from her father’s bank account. (She) would transfer the money from her father’s account to (the complainant’s) account. (Complainant) was under the impression that the money was proceeds from (the friend’s) online sales.”

The complainant said she didn’t lose any money, but she wanted the incident documented, the report said.

Verbal argument: A South Bryan man reported Sept. 21 that his neighborhood had a community yard sale and a man parked in front of house and walked across his yard to a neighbor’s yard.

“He asked the (man) not to walk across his yard. (The man) then cursed at him and called him (the N-word). They got into an argument and his neighbor came over and defended him. The (man) got into his car and left the area.”

The man just wanted the incident documented.

Found animal: A deputy responded to an Ellabell address around 6 p.m. Sept. 20 regarding a “possibly neglected donkey in a yard.” The complainant said the donkey had been in her yard “most of the day” and that someone had claimed the animal and promised to come get it, but never showed. Ultimately, Second Chance Equine Farm in Liberty County said it would come get the donkey and “an attempt to locate the owner will be made.”

Hit and run: Deputies were sent to a Cartertwon Road address shortly after midnight regarding damage to property. They met with the complainant, who said “she heard a crashing sound outside of her residence,” a report said. “(She) stated that when she went outside, she observed (a man) pulling out of her driveway with (another man) being dragged along the driver side.”

That man said he tried to stop the driver from driving while under the influence.

“(He) attempted to take the keys from (the driver) through he driver side window, and that he had to hold on to the driver side mirror to avoid going under the vehicle.”

The man said his left foot and right knee were in pain, but declined EMS. He said he’d known the driver for about three years. Deputies put out a “be on the lookout” for the driver’s car and authorities in Savannah were notified of his “intended route home.”

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