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BCSO reports: Teen driver spits on deputy's car
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Disorderly conduct, more: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell bus stop Sept. 11 regarding a car driven by a teen “scaring kids at a bus stop.” On the way to check it out a deputy saw the car go by in the other direction, so he turned around and pulled the driver over on Highway 204. That deputy asked the driver for his license and was told he didn’t have one, and the vehicle also didn’t have a tag on it.

Deputies asked the driver, a 17-year old, if he was talking to kids at the bus stop and “he said no, but was playing his music real loud,” and then the teen was asked about the tag and “he said he just bought the car and was going to get the insurance on it when he got all the paperwork for the vehicle.” But checks revealed the “car had been reported missing and was being used without permission and had been sold (to the teen) for $350,” the report said, so deputies decided to have it towed and contact the owner. As they let the teen get his belongings out, “(he) started getting angry and picked up a rock or some other item and busted out the back passenger window of the car, then tried to bust another window before (a deputy) stopped him,” then spit on a deputy’s car.

The teen cussed out the deputies as he was allowed to put his belongings in his dad’s vehicle, and so he was arrested and taken to jail. He is charged with disorderly conduct and damage to property.

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to a disturbance at the Bryan County Animal Shelter in Pembroke on Aug. 27.

There, he met with the complainant, a shelter employee, who said a woman was causing a disturbance, accused her of being a racist and then her man tried to get in and get the woman’s dogs.

The report said the woman’s dogs had been picked up by animal control and “there were multiple complaints” about the dogs getting out.

The woman paid the fines and got her dogs and left as the deputy arrived, the report noted.

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to the end of Oak Level Road around 9:30 a.m. Sept. 12 because of a “motor home with heavy front end damage left where the no parking signs used to be.”

There they found the RV, which was damaged and, “upon investigation deputies discovered the engine missing … indicating it was towed there by another vehicle.”

The registration showed it belonged to a Richmond Hill resident, and deputies tried to make contact with the person. A witness also told deputies he saw a red pickup “dragging the RV down Jake Brown Rd.,” etc. The RV was towed.

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