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BCSO reports: A strange occurrence on Timber Trail; dog allergic to baloney
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

Matter of record: A deputy was sent around 11:16 p.m. July 5 to the South Bryan Recreation Center on Timber Trail “in reference to a strange occurrence.” “(Complainant) said her son and his friend had witnessed a silver SUV that was either a Honda or Hyundai pull into the parking lot. They said a blonde woman exited and opened a rear door and got a boy maybe 8 years of age out and looked to be fussing at him,” the report said. “She then got a suitcase out of the vehicle and opened it and the boy got into the suitcase and the woman zipped it up and put it into the rear area of the vehicle and drove off heading toward Harris Trail.”

The witnesses didn’t get a tag number. Deputies and Richmond Hill Police looked but didn’t find a vehicle matching that description, the report said. Aggravated assault: A deputy was sent July 7 to an Ellabell address “in regards to a report of stalking and pointing a firearm.” There, the deputy met a woman who said she “pulled in front of a vehicle exiting the interstate which continued to tailgate her and making gestures while honking the horn. The complainant stated that she went home and notified her fiancé,” who in turn left and was met by the person who’d tailgated his fiancée. “She stated that her fiancé told her that they displayed firearms and followed them home … before fleeing when 911 was called.”

The deputy then talked to the “supposed offenders, who told him they were cut off “and admitted to slight road rage before continuing on to their residence ….” They told the deputy they were met by a driver in a pickup, “who blocked the roadway before confronting them with a pistol brandished.”

One of the offenders then “admitted to drawing his pistol only after the male subject displayed his weapon.”

Everybody was told “to stay away from each other’s residence.”

Neighbor dispute: A deputy sent July 2 to a Clarktown Road address was told by a woman that her neighbor “has been throwing bologna over her fence to try and poison her dog, which is “very allergic to pork.”

The complainant said she thought the neighbor was trying to poison her dog due to some chickens and a fence they put up. The deputy told the woman “that the chickens and the fence were a civil issue and that she needed to speak to an attorney,” and the woman’s husband told the deputy he was going to put up a “trail camera to capture (the neighbor) throwing the bologna over the fence.” The deputy told them they “seek the assistance of the clerk of court in obtaining a warrant if they chose to do so,” and then went to talk to the neighbor, who denied “that she has been throwing bologna over the fence to feed or poison the (the complainants’ dog). She stated that the (complainants’) chickens have come onto her property and damaged her plants. She stated that (the complainant) asked if she could nail their fence to (her) fence and (she) said no. She stated she believes that is the reason they made the accusation.”

The deputy told the woman she should call code enforcement about the neighbors chickens and was told that had already happened. They got a case number, etc.

Harassing communications: A 51-year-old Ellabell woman reported June 26 that her “daughter’s girlfriend … has continually harassed her on Facebook and thru text message,” a report said. “She’s always leaving untrue and derogatory comments on her page. (Complainant) has blocked her multiple times but she creates a new Facebook (page) or has family members write things.”

Damage to property: A Richmond Hill man reported June 29 he had some tacos delivered to his home by a delivery service and while inside “heard a loud noise throughout his residence which caused him great concern. (He) stated approximately ten seconds after hearing the loud noise, he heard a knock at the front door of his residence.

(He) stated he went to the front door of his residence and discovered his food delivery had been made.”

The man said the food “was sitting outside the front door of his residence with nobody around,” and the delivery driver “left the area quickly without being seen.” The man told BCSO he then looked around outside and discovered “someone ran into the garage door of his residence with a motor vehicle.”

Attempts to reach the delivery driver by the man and the deputy were unsuccessful.

The man was given a case number, etc.

Pornography: A Richmond Hill woman reported July 6 that she was being harassed on social media.

More specifically, the woman told a deputy “her ex boyfriend posted five pornographic photographs of (her) on Pinterest.”

The woman said her ex boyfriend was the only person she sent the photos to, and that she contacted Pinterest to tell them about the photos but hadn’t heard back. She said her ex boyfriend lives in Pennsylvania and state troopers there told her they couldn’t help her.

The reporting deputy saw the photos, which had “gained several followers,” and the woman said she’s worried they’ll be “put on other social media and porn sites. (She) is also concerned that children will have access to the photographs through Pinterest.”

The deputy reported that she “exhausted all resources available for a remedy of this incident, and unfortunately there is not one at this time. I did advise (the woman) to provide a copy of both reports to the Pennsylvania State Troopers.”

Matter of record: A South Bryan reported July 6 that he got a certified letter from a concrete company “stating they were seeking to place a lien on his house for monies owed.”

The man showed BSO the letter, as well as four copies of returned checks totaling $8,181 that had been written to the company by the contractor he’d hired to build the driveway on his property. The man said he’d paid the contractor $17,640 and the job was finished. The deputy explained how to take the contractor to court.

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