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BCSO reports: Speeding motorcyclist belligerent with deputies
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office initial incident reports: 

Suspended license, aggressive driving, more: A deputy patrolling shortly before 2 p.m. May 20 in Blitchton heard a “loud motorcycle” leave a business headed west on Highway 80, then saw it turn around and headed back toward the intersection of 80 and Highway 280  at what he estimated was 95 mph. 

The deputy used radar to clock the motorcycle at 88 mph and pulled behind it at the light at the intersection. 

“My emergency lights were activated and I could hear people driving by commenting on how crazy and obnoxious the motorcycle driver was and thanking me for pulling him over,” the deputy reported, adding that he followed the biker back to the business, where a check revealed the man’s license had most recently been suspended July 2, 2021, though there “were numerous other suspensions as well.” 

During the incident the man “became argumentative with (deputies),” and after he was put in a patrol car he “spit numerous times through the partition screen between the rear and front seats, all over my in car computer and dash,” the deputy wrote.  

“As I proceeded to transport (the man) to the jail following a lawful arrest, he began to curse at me saying things like ‘(bleep) you Pig,” “all  cops are pigs,” “hope you die,” and other numerous offensive, violent and tumultuous sayings toward me.” 

Once the man got to the jail he unleashed more profanity towards the deputy and jail officers, the report said. 

He faces a number of charges. 

Felony with a vehicle, aggressive driving, hit and run, more: A deputy on patrol May 21 around 12:50 p.m. was flagged down by a tractor trailer driver on the I-16 east bound on ramp. The driver told the deputy “he was involved in a hit and run accident just up the road on Highway 280 at Olive Branch Road.”
The driver said a white Chevy pickup was “driving towards Pembroke in the middle of the road at a slow pace, causing vehicles to divert to the shoulder to avoid being hit.”  

The driver said he couldn’t get over because of the size of his truck and the pickup dented his bumper.  

Then, dispatch reported a white pickup “weaving in the roadway on I-16,” and as the deputy headed that way the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office reported the “vehicle crashed at the county line and the driver was detained.” 

A Chatham County Police Department officer met the BCSO deputy at the scene and said she saw the pickup weaving and then hit a guard wire in the median. She checked out the driver to see if he was OK, and got his name.  

The man, who it turned out had “multiple suspensions for DUI and habitual violator,” was sweating and inside his pickup were “multiple cans of compressed air,” one of which was “located directly next to the driver’s seat (and) was still cold to the touch, which is consistent with someone inverting the can and ‘huffing’ or sniffing the fumes which can have an intoxicating affect.” Prescriptions for gabapentin and suboxone were also discovered. 

A witness to the man's wreck on I-16 told the deputy the driver said he thought he was in Cordele. 

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill woman reported around 12:22 a.m. May 19 “lightning had struck her residence and she could smell smoke.”
The deputy saw damage from the strike, but no sign of fire. To make sure there were no hot spots the fire department did “create larger openings in order to ensure no fire was present and the areas present were safe.” The woman was told to call her property management company to let them know what happened. She got a case number. 

Drugs: A deputy on patrol on Highway 204 in the early morning hours of May 20 saw a white Cadillac stopped on a nearby road with a woman in the driver’s seat and went to see what was going on. The woman gave her name and said the car ran out of gas and the battery died, and her boyfriend had gone with a man in a red pickup to get gas.  

A check of the woman’s license showed her license was suspended and the deputy “observed a strong odor of marijuana,” and what’s more, the woman lived in Statesboro and her boyfriend lives in Savannah, and she “did not offer an explanation for being in the area.”
Deputies were able to get the car started, and saw there was a quarter tank of gas. They searched the car due to the “strong odor of marijuana” and found suspected methamphetamine, a scale, plastic bags, syringes, etc.  

The woman was arrested, the car was towed.  

Matter of record: Deputies got involved in a custody exchange on May 21 at the BCSO station in South Bryan. 

The complainant had her copy of the court order stating the exchange would take place at the station with an officer present, and the “order further stated the (complainant) shall leave first and the defendant shall delay his departure by at least 15 minutes.” 

The “defendant,” showed up late, the report said, and when the reporting deputy “attempted to discuss the parameters of the court order,” the man “immediately became argumentative, declaring he was being harassed by deputies and I was harassing him by following the judge’s orders.” 

The man began recording the deputy with his cell phone, the report said, “at which time he was advised (the deputy) was recording the entire incident which would be forwarded to the judge for review.” 

The deputy then told the man to go to his vehicle “located across the parking lot and wait 15 minutes. He refused and attempted to “stare down” this officer using profanity holding his cell phone recording within arms reach as a method of intimidation.” 

The deputy called for backup and arrested the man. When deputies brought in a K9 unit the dog alerted on the driver’s side of the man’s vehicle, and a check found vapes in the man’s door which tested positive for liquid marijuana and heroin. They were taken as evidence. The man’s vehicle was towed. 

Shoplifting, aggravated assault: A deputy was sent to the Love’s Travel Stop around 8 p.m. May 21 regarding the complaint a frequent visitor was shoplifting, then ran into a store employee with her vehicle while trying to escape.  

The store employee said the shoplifter, a white female, got into a Toyota with a drive-off tag from a Claxton car dealership.  

Video showed “a white female looking through items in the diesel section then put two dresses in a brown purse,” the report said. “Later in the video, (the employee) then confronted the female outside the store and was able to get a purse, necklace and cross clip back. (She) was seen taking a picture of the tag of the vehicle. This was when the vehicle began to back up striking (the employee) with the vehicle. The vehicle then pulled forward striking (the store employee) again with the front of her vehicle and driver side mirror.” 

The store employee had “redness on her knee. EMS was called to check on (her) due to her past medical history. (She) was taken to Memorial hospital.” 

Further investigation identified the shoplifter as an Ellabell resident with three possible addresses in Bryan County.  

Taken were two dresses worth $12.99. Recovered by the store employee was the necklace, valued at $12.99, the cross paper holder, $6.99, and the purse, which had a $49.99 price tag. 

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