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BCSO reports: Reckless driving leads to shooting
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From Bryan County Sheriff's Office reports:

Aggravated assault: Deputies and first responders were sent to an area in Rambling Creek around 9 p.m. Feb. 13 “in regards to a report of a gunshot victim.”

There, they found a man “on the ground directly between the two houses with three total gunshot wounds, one on the upper left calf, one in the buttocks area, and one on the left side of the abdomen.”

The report said the shooter was ID’d and detained and EMS was able to work on the victim while three witnesses told BCSO “that the entire incident began over confronting (the offender and another male) over their aggressive and reckless driving over the roadway. During the course of the confrontations events escalated and eventually (the shooter) brandished a weapon, fired a warning shot and then proceeded to shoot (the victim).”

The shooter, however, had already called 911 “and informed the dispatcher that he had shot someone during the course of a dispute.”

He was standing on a porch when deputies arrived with three people, all of whom said that the “other parties were hostile and confrontational over their driving and were asked to leave multiple times.”

They said “threats were exchanged and the (victim) made the threat that he had a gun,” and they all said the offender “was currently branding a firearm when (the victim) rushed him and the gun went off before the two separated. (The offender) dropped the weapon and was cooperative with law enforcement.”

There apparently was some alcohol involved, because “open alcohol containers were located in the offenders vehicle,” along with “multiple cartridge casings.” The shooter was arrested and consented to a blood test. The case was under investigation, the report said.

Armed robbery: A clerk reported a Parker’s convenience store on Highway 17 was robbed around 3:54 a.m. Feb. 13. The deputy’s report was brief, but listed an “unknown” 5-foot-5, 210 pound black woman as the offender. It was also unclear what sort of weapon was used. It was listed as a “blunt object.”

Terroristic threats: A Wild Acres Road Road woman reported Feb. 12 that she “saw three (white male) teenagers fishing in the pond behind her house,” and so she told them “they were on private property and could not fish. One of the W/ms said the property is not posted No Trespassing, so they can fish.”

The woman said she told them to leave, and they “became rude … and called her names,” before leaving in a white golf cart.

The woman wanted them told to stay off her property. The deputy looked around for them with no luck.

Criminal trespass: A Richmond Hill woman reported Feb. 11 someone “had tied their boat to her dock,” without permission. The 72-year-old woman said she didn’t know who the boat belonged to “and she has not given anyone permission to be tied off to her dock or have any rights to her property.” No one was around, the deputy noted the sailboat’s name in his report and gave the complainant a case number.

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