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BCSO reports: Man threatens wife over messaging app
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Verbal argument: A deputy sent to a Wicklow address on July 13 regarding a domestic incident met with a man and wife outside their home.

The woman said she was asleep when her husband got home and he “woke her up in an angry state asking her why she had blocked him on the WHATSAPP.

(She) advised she told (him) to stop questioning her, got up, walked outside and (she) advised after being outside in the driveway (he) yelled at her saying he was going to punch her in the teeth and burn her with whatever he was smoking at the time.” The man had a different story. He said she was awake when he got home and he saw where she had blocked him on the app, and asked “why she blocked him and if she was trying to hide anything from him.

(He) advised this is when things and escalated and (his wife) went outside yelling that he is a crackhead.”

The woman said her husband tried to grab her around her neck, but the deputy didn’t see any marks. She said her neighbor was outside and was probably a witness, but he said he saw the woman “standing in the driveway but didn’t hear any arguing.” The deputy told them they needed to separate, but they had nowhere else to go, so he told them to go back inside the house and stay away from one another until they settled down.

Property damage: A deputy was sent to an Ellabell address around 2:30 a.m. July 10 because a man said “sometime earlier this morning person(s) unknown had run over his two mailboxes and did cause damage.”

The damage looked to have been caused by a vehicle, and there were tire tracks that allowed the deputy to follow it to an address, where “it appears the vehicle caused damage to a (Rambling Creek Road address) by spinning its tires in a circular motion,” a report said.

Deputies talked to the owner of that home, who said it was her brother, who “was intoxicated last night and was driving a white (car). She requested if she could pay for the damage of these mailboxes that she did not want her brother to get into any trouble.”

A deputy told her that was up to the victims, but she “did agree to pay for all damages.” When the deputy found another damaged mailbox the deputy found just up the road, the report said, the woman agreed to pay for that one too.

Speeding: A deputy reported July 11 he clocked a car going 78 mph on Highway 204 and pulled it over.

The 20-year-old driver was told why he was stopped “and concurred with my speeding accusation,” the deputy reported, adding “while speaking with (the driver,), I smelled an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle.” Another deputy was called to the scene, and the driver and his three passengers were all asked if they had smoked marijuana or if they’d smoked any, and all three denied. The deputy said he got consent to search the vehicle and “located marijuana residue, along with a digital scale,” in the car and about “20 to 30 empty sandwich size Ziploc bags.”

About this time the driver’s mother showed up, the report said, and, after being told to remain in her car “began to shout multiple racial slurs a myself,” the deputy reported. “She repeatedly accused me of racial profiling her son and his passengers. (She) stated that I was lying about the smell of marijuana and was harassing the occupants based on their skin color.”

Then, a K9 from Richmond Hill Police Department arrived, and his dog reportedly gave a “positive alert for narcotics,” however a search came up empty “other than the marijuana residue where the digital scale was located,” the report said.

“(The driver) was issued a citation for speeding,” the deputy reported. “After I issued (him) his traffic citation, (he) informed me that he was doing 80 mph instead of 78 mph. I informed (him) that his citation was for 78 mph and he and his occupants were free to leave.”

Simple battery: This reportedly took place at Black Creek Golf Course around 6:47 p.m. July 8.

“Dispatched to (address) at 1847 hours in reference to a disorderly subject. Upon arrival deputies could hear yelling in the back yard of the residence. Deputies made contact with (a man), who continued to yell profanity at his neighbors and people on the golf course. (He) was very loud and boisterous and continued to use ‘fighting words’ directed at both his neighbors and law enforcement,” the report said. The man also “admitted to being intoxicated, but refused to go inside and calm down. After several attempts to calm (him) down with no positive results, deputies placed (the man) into custody. (A sergeant) assisted with escorting (the man,) at which point, (he) lunged at (the sergeant) and attempted to bite him on the arm. (He) did make contact with his mouth on (the sergeant’s) arm, resulting in a laceration to the top of the forearm.”

The man was eventually put in a patrol a car and taken to jail.

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