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BCSO reports: Man known as 'Nose' sought for theft
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Theft: A man reported Jan. 19 some guy he only knows as Nose stole his 4-wheeler.

The suspect lives in Bulloch County, the report said, and “(victim) only knows the subject by his street moniker, Nose.”

Police are investigating.

Matter of record: Deputies were sent Jan. 17 to Highway 204 near Toni Branch Road after a man saw a man and woman walking down the side of the road, “and that (the witness) observed the male striking the female in the face.”

The witness “also informed us that the male picked up a large tree limb and struck the female in the face, “so he stopped his vehicle and made contact with the male and female. (He) informed us that the female had several lacerations to her face and that she was bleeding. (He) stated that he tried to get the female to stay until Deputies arrived to get her help, but that she ran into the woods between two residences located on Highway 204. (He) also stated that the male ran behind her.”

Deputies searched for the pair, but couldn’t find them.

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address on Jan. 15 “in reference to a person shot on a four wheeler.” There, deputies met with the complainants, who “informed us that an unknown person was shot while on a four wheeler located in the front of heir residence.”

One of the complainants said “he spoke with the victim, but was unable to see him. (He) stated that the unknown victim stated that a female shot him and then he drove away.”

Deputies searched for the victim but “there was no evidence that a shooting had occurred,” the report said.

Simple assault: Deputies responded Jan. 15 to a domestic dispute call at a Highway 17 address, where the complainant “said that his ex-wife ... who he was dating and living with had gone nuts and was acting crazy,” a report said.

The man said “she started an argument with him on the back porch and gotten really mad at him and threw a beer bottle at him. He said after that she came after him and attacked him with her nails,” and the report noted the man had scratch marks on his neck, face and arm.

The man said he “kept pushing her off of him into a lounge chair on the porch to keep himself from getting hurt,” the report continued, noting the man said his ex wife was in the bedroom.

She told deputies a different story.

“She said that she didn’t know what his problem was except he was drunk. She said that he had gotten into her phone and the social media accounts and found out she had spoken to men on them and was now accusing her of cheating on him.”

The woman said she “was not cheating and had just spoken to them and that was not even recently,” and that she went to walk the dog when he “really started to fuss at her.”

The woman said she never threw anything at him and only defended herself, and said he shoved her around, etc.

“Both parties declined to have the other arrested. (The woman) left the residence with her mother and brother.”

They both were told how to get protective orders and the man was told how to get “a dispossery since he wanted her gone.”

Replacing signs and barrels: A deputy reported Jan. 17 he “discovered where people had removed the road closed signs and barrels from the off ramp area of I-95 north where it meets Belfast Keller, an area under construction. I replaced all the barrels and signs.”

Matter of record: BCSO responded to 911 calls from a convenience store on Highway 17 in South Bryan “due to a crazy person in the parking lot and in the store that was yelling there were meth dealers out there and they got guns and want to kill me since I turned them in,” a report said.

“One of the complainants was also the one who was causing the disturbance,” a deputy reported The man “kept saying everyone who was pulling into the parking lot were meth dealers and they were armed and wanted him dead for telling on them and getting them sent to prison. He also blamed Richmond Hill Police Dept. for his car now being non functioning since they arrested him last night.” The report continued: “He said they changed his motor from gas to diesel and after he put gas in it, the car had stopped running. The battery had died in the car. The subjects mother arrived on scene and calmed him down. Both parties left the store to return to Florida.” 

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