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BCSO reports: Man disrupts meeting with hammer
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Disorderly person: A deputy was sent to a Richmond Hill address around 8:30 p.m., April 2, where he spoke with a woman who said she “is a member of an organization that meets at this location regularly.”

She said one of the members of the group “became upset about a disagreement in regards to his standing with the organization. (He) began screaming at members of the group and picked up his belongings to walk out towards the door.”

The man had a hammer, it turned out, and he “held the hammer in his hand for several minutes while screaming at members of the organization and could not provide a reasonable explanation as to why he had a hammer when members asked him about it.”

The woman said the man never threatened anyone with the hammer, but felt he used it “as an intimidation tactic.” The man was gone when the deputy arrived.

The woman said the meetings were videoed and showed the deputy a recording of the incident. He gave her a case number, etc.

Fraud: A Richmond Hill woman reported April 2 she got ripped off when she agreed to see a window unit air conditioner and wooden entertainment center for $110 to a man who saw her listing in a local shopper.

The woman said the man sent her a check from Texas for $1,887.71 and when she saw that she texted the man to tell him he’d made it out for too much; he told her in turn to deposit the check in her bank and send a cashier’s check for $1,777 to his wife in Texas.

The woman did on March 30 and then was told by her bank in Richmond Hill the check she deposited was no good and she was on the hook for the money. She said her bank told her to contact police. She was given a case number.

Unruly juveniles: An Elllabell man reported April 6 he is being harassed by “juvenile males who live in the area.” The man said he’d had problems with them in the past, “and today while the males were walking on the street, one of the males showed him his buttocks.”

The man showed the deputy video of the juveniles “and it appeared one of the males had their pants falling down and he was trying to pick them up as he walked,” and the deputy said he didn’t see any indecent exposure.

The man said the same kids yell obscenities at him and throw things at his dogs.

The deputy gave the man a case number and told him to call back if he has more problems.

The deputy then went to talk to the mother of the boys and told her about the report of a boy exposing himself. One of her sons told the deputy “he and his brothers were walking in the street and that his pants were falling and he had to pull them up and adjust his underwear. He also said that (the complainant) began to yell at them ….”

The woman told the deputy her kids “already do their best to say away from (the man).” She was told to call BCSO if they have further trouble with the man.

Dog attack: A Richmond Hill reported April 2 two pit bulls got into a pen and killed his goat, and he said he was forced to shoot the two dogs out of fear they might attack him. Deputies investigated and found the owner of the dogs, who said he trained them to hunt hogs. The owner retrieved the dogs. The report said the goat had been partially eaten.

Deputies found the man “in his yard lying face down, naked and shouting prayers loudly.”

The man “eventually responded to the deputies presence and agreed to be transported by Bryan County EMS to Memorial Medical Center for a mental health evaluation,” the report said, noting, “(The man) was also found to be in possession of suspected methamphetamine during this incident.”

Drugs: A deputy patrolling around the intersection of Highways 80 and 280 shortly before 2 a.m. April 3 spotted a pickup behind a convenience store and ran the tag, which “yielded no current registration or insurance.” The deputy then watched as a man checked out of the store, then later saw the same pickup on Highway 80 and tried to conduct a traffic stop. The pickup kept going, turned off on another road “and continued driving at a slow pace,” before picking up speed and turning onto yet another road. The deputy felt pretty sure it was the same man he saw in the convenience store, and “while attempting to give pursuit I attempted to follow the vehicle when the driver depressed his brakes causing his vehicle to impact my patrol car,” the report said, listing some damage. The pickup then turned onto a trail in the woods, and the deputy kept going “for roughly 100 yards into the treeline/trail until one of my patrol car’s tires flattened. I observed the tail lights travel a short distance further before stopping.”

Deciding the pickup may have crashed, the deputy kept going and found the pickup empty with the front bumper damaged. “No driver was located in the vicinity.”

Deputies searched for the man, who is listed in the report by name. Drug paraphernalia was found in the pickup along with suspected meth, the report said. The pickup was towed and warrants would be gotten, the report said.

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