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BCSO reports: Man bolts school zone
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

 Fleeing: Deputies were directing school traffic Nov. 19 at Lanier Primary when one was nearly hit by a driver who sped off, left the car on Dowd Road and took off on foot carrying some sort of bag. That led to a foot chase and help from Rincon Police Department’s tracking dog.

The RPD dog tracked the man through woods and back to Highway 280, where deputies figured he got a ride. He left behind the car he was driving, which wasn’t listed as stolen. Both deputies can ID the man if they see him again.

Fight: A deputy was sent Nov. 24 to a Highway 144 convenience store “in reference to a fight between two customers at the gas station.”

The deputy talked to the victim, who said he’d pulled up to the store and parked near the entrance when he saw the offender, who “he was in the process of suing … over unpaid services for a pool (the victim) had installed in (the offender’s) backyard.”

The victim said he and the offender “exchanged some words” before he walked into the store, and when he came back out the offender was waiting for him. “(Victim) stated that (offender) lunged at him and that the two began to scuffle on the ground” before the offender left the store.

The victim, who told the deputy he planned on pressing charges, said he believed there was video of the incident, but the deputy saw he’d been in some kind of scrap. The clerk wasn’t able to get to the video and said he wasn’t aware of the incident. The deputy went to the offender’s address but he wasn’t home.

Theft: A county employee told BCSO Nov. 19 that someone stole the catalytic converter from a county vehicle while it was parked at the county commissioner’s office “where it was normally kept after hours.”

Affray: Deputies were sent to a Buckhead address Nov. 22 regarding “teenagers speeding through the neighborhood and down the street,” which reportedly escalated into “one of the persons speeding in the area had punched the complainant when asked to slow down” A second call from the mother of one of the teen’s then called, saying a neighbor had punched her son in the face.

Deputies first talked to the complainant, who said he went and talked to the mother about the teens speeding then went home, only to have the two “made another round speeding and then parked the vehicle in front of (their address) and exited the vehicle.”

The man said he told them to slow down and one yelled back a profanity, so he walked over to confront them and at some point one of them hit him upside the head, but he walked away. The man said all he wanted was the speeding to stop and he didn’t want to press charges. The mother wanted the man arrested, and her son said he only hit the man after the man hit him, and deputies explained warrant procedures to all sides and told the complainant not to set foot on the mother’s property.

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