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BCSO reports: Husband says wife's ex-lover damaged his truck
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Criminal trespass: A deputy was sent to a Black Creek Church Road address around 2 p.m. “for a report of damage to property.”

Here’s what happened, according to the complainant. He said he was headed south on Black Creek Church Road when he saw a man “on the opposite side of the roadway, as he passed Black Creek Church of God. He advised that he saw (the man) throw something at his truck. He stated that he heard a bang, but continued to his residence prior to checking for damage.”

The complainant then found “two small dings in his driver’s side door.”

The complainant told the deputy his wife had been having an affair with the man who threw something at his pickup, “but had stopped seeing him about three months ago. (The complainant) advised that the (man) has made several attempts to contact his wife, but she has stopped communicating with him.”

The complainant got a case number and an explanation of the warrant process.

Criminal trespass: A deputy was sent to Waterways on the afternoon of July 3 regarding damage to the exit gate.

There, the deputy spoke to the “branch manager of security” who “stated that a contractor who was attempting to leave the community drove up to the exit arm, and when it did not open, they drove through it.”

The deputy saw video of the incident in which a van with a Georgia tag rolled up to the gate, “wait approximately three seconds, and then proceed to drive through the gaate.”

The deputy also saw “damage to the mechanism of the gate which connected the raising arm to the base,” the report added. “The arm was also bent ninety degrees at the point of damage. (The security manager) stated that the arm was designed to break off if this type of incident occurred.”

The decal on the contractor’s van was registered to one man, but the tag was in someone else’s name. They weren’t sure if the contractor was the one who was driving the van, and the guard on duty at the time said she didn’t see the incident because she was “assisting a resident on the other side of the guard booth.”
The security manager got a case number.

Hit and run: A deputy closing out Sandra’s Seafood in Blitchton around 10:15 p.m. July 5 was told by a truck driver that just around the corner a car hit another car and “pushed it into a water filled ditch.”

The deputy found the car that had been hit, but not the driver. He’d gotten in “a vehicle that was behind him and attempted to catch up to the car that had hit him.”
The witness said the hit and run vehicle “came off 80 and went thru the yield sign and struck the right rear of the car they were in and spun them into the ditch filled with water,” and then got on I-16 and headed west, the report said.

The car that had been hit, meanwhile, “was submerged up to its driver’s compartment in the water. “

While one deputy handled the wreck, another went looking on I-16 but had no luck. He had dispatch notify the Georgia State Patrol and Bulloch County Sheriff’s Department to be on the lookout for the car, which had damage to its right front end.

The folks in the car in the ditch were not injured. They had their car towed.

Burglary: A deputy was sent to an Elm Drive, Ellabell address around midnight July 3 regarding a woman who said someone broke into her home while she was away.

The woman, who had been gone since July 1, said when she got home she found someone “broke into her back door breaking the lock hasp valued at $10. Complainant then stated person(s) unknown rummaged through her personal items in her bathroom, placing her chargers to her phone in the bathroom sink, and then took her ramen noodles,” the report said.

“Complainant has stated this has happened several times in the past and she has filed other reports,” it added, with the deputy noting he told the woman deputies would keep an eye on the place.

 Matter of Record: A Pressley Island Point, Richmond Hill man reported June 6 that someone shot a wild pig “in the direction of his residence.”

The man who lived at the home from where the pig was shot told the deputy that a third man shot the pig at his request because “the wild pigs are a nuisance by tearing up his property.” That man had used a crossbow. The deputy told the property owner not to shoot any weapons toward another home.

The deputy then went back to the complainant and told him of what he’d learned. “I also advised (the complainant) to stop feeding the wild animals to prevent them from coming into the neighborhood.”

 Financial card fraud: A man reported July 3 he helped a friend he’s known for 12 years move some furniture to the man’s Old Cuyler Road, Ellabell, address.

“After moving the furniture, he had a few drinks (at his friend’s) house“ and, “(His friend) asked him for a ride to the store. (Complainant) advised that since he had been drinking, he let (the friend) drive and he rode along. After going to the store, they went back to (his friend’s) house. He stayed the night at (his friend’s) because he had been drinking.”

The complainant said he left his friend’s house and went home, and when he went to get his debit card out of the car he couldn’t find it. He checked his bank account online and found it had been used “several times in the Ellabell area between (9 p.m. July 23 and 12:01 a.m. July 4),” including $200 withdrawal from a Parker’s convenience store on Highway 80.

The complainant said his friend denied taking the card, but “(the friend) was the only person in his car and (friend) knows his PIN number to his debit card,” the report said.

The man was told to get a list of all transactions and follow up with BCSO.

 DUI: A Steele Wood Drive, Richmond Hill man was arrested shortly after midnight June 7 after he drove into a neighbor’s mailbox. Deputies were called to the accident site “in reference to a white truck that struck the neighbor’s mailbox and was currently on scene.”

The deputy who wrote the report noted he saw the pickup “on a pile of bricks,” as well as “a mailbox and several bricks and chunks of concrete scattered about the roadway and driveway (of the address).”

The driver at first “denied driving the vehicle and refused to answer how the vehicle ended at its location,” but it was pretty clear he was intoxicated, the report said. Once he got “agitated and belligerent,” the man was arrested.

A witness told the deputy the truck, with a man slumped over the wheel, was spotted parked a bit further down the road about half an hour earlier and “he was going to check the driver’s welfare but decided against it.” A short time afterward, “he heard the vehicle shift into gear and the driver then crashed into the mailbox across the street.”
The man went to check on the driver and shut the truck’s ignition off while his wife called 911.

The mailbox owner was contacted and told how to get a copy of the report for damages.

At some point, the driver’s mother showed up to get the pickup, and told the deputy “take him to jail, this will be his fourth or fifth DUI, he just got out of rehab.”
She got hold of the property owner as well, and said she’d pay for the damages.

The driver also reportedly told the deputy while at jail that he knew he’d messed up, “But I know the law and I have to play my cards to make sure I get out of this,” the report said.

 Criminal trespass: An Ellabell man reported July 3 “his grandson had gotten upset and began beating the side of his pickup truck with some form of striking tool,” a report said.

The deputy who responded saw damage to the truck. He was told the grandson “was also actively yelling and being generally disorderly in the house prior to my arrival,” the report said. “Upon entry to the residence I heard someone yelling and made contact with the juvenile offender. Based on the child’s aggressive stance I immediately placed him in handcuffs while he continually pulled way stating ‘what for.’”
After getting the kid, whose age was not provided in the report, in the car, he was taken to Bryan County Jail’s juvenile holding cell. The boy was ultimately released to a family member.

 Domestic dispute: A McNeill Trail, Richmond Hill man called BCSO around 11 p.m. on July 6 because he wanted a deputy to get his girlfriend out of the house. The deputy told the man he couldn’t remove the woman, and if “he wanted her to move out, he would have to evict her through the courts.”

The man was intoxicated and drinking a beer.

“My conversation (with the man) was labored at best, but when he was made aware that we could not remove anyone from the residence; he stated he would leave and stay at a hotel for the night.”

The girlfriend, who was sober, “stated she and (her boyfriend) got into an argument because he wanted to drive from the residence while being intoxicated.”

Both said the argument never turned physical. The man was given a ride to a motel.


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