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BCSO reports: Gun shown after neighbor gives the bird
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office incident reports: 

Matter of record: A South Bryan man reported June 6 he was headed to the golf course when a driver coming in the opposite direction shot him the bird, so he hit the brakes and discovered the other driver was a neighbor.  

The man said he asked his neighbor “what the bird was for,” and the neighbor began “yelling and cursing at him,” and was allegedly upset about cars belonging to the man’s guests parked in front of his property. 

During the argument, the neighbor reportedly got out of his car and approached the man, so he pulled a gun, which led the neighbor to ask why he pulled a gun instead of fighting him like a man. 

At that point the men parted ways, and the man said later the neighbor’s wife called to apologize for her husband’s behavior.  

A report was generated.  

DUI, suspended license: Deputies on patrol in the wee hours of June 11 were told to be on the lookout for a green pickup in Liberty County that was being followed up Highway 17 by an off-duty Chatham County officer.  

“It was said the vehicle was all over the roadway, going into the media, travelling at a high rate of speed and then slowing down to a crawl.” 

Deputies spotted the pickup and followed it onto Daniel Siding Road, where it was weaving and ran the stop sign before deputies pulled the driver over in the parking lot of Daniel Baptist Church. 

The 55-year-old driver had all the signs of being drunk, and when “asked where he believed he was, he stated Faulkville (in Effingham County).” 

He was arrested after failing the sobriety test.  

Obstruction: A 43-year-old man was arrested on a number of charges after a deputy on Highway 204 spotted him traveling east on a moped without a helmet.  

When the deputy turned around to pull the moped over, the man “began to drive off the roadway and onto railroad property,” then ignored an order to stop and got off the moped and ran into the woods, leading to a foot chase of 20 yards before he was caught and arrested. 

Before entering the woods the man dropped a backpack, the report said, and a later search showed it contained suspected pot and a glass pipe, as well as personal hygiene items. 

Matter of record: A woman driving slowly in a North Bryan neighborhood on June 8 reported a man in a car behind her “pulled up to her demanding who she was, why she was here and where did she live,” a report said. “(The woman) said she got out of her vehicle and while she was taking pictures of the tag the driver put the car in reverse.”
The woman then showed a photo of the tag to the deputy, who found it belonged to a man living in the same neighborhood. The woman also showed the deputy photos of her car and her that were on a community Facebook page and said she wanted them taken down. 

The deputy talked to the man, who said he was suspicious because the woman was driving slowly. He agreed to take the posts down. The deputy told him to call BCSO if he saw suspicious behavior.  

The woman said she was driving slowly because she was talking on the phone. 

Briefs from June 6 

Matter of record: A juvenile on an electric bike without a taillight was spotted around 1:40 a.m. riding on Highway 144 near Belfast Keller Road and taken home to his parents. 

Damage to property: A man reported his car was damaged while it was parked at the Buckhead pool. 

Suspicious person: A suspicious vehicle was reported parked at a Richmond Hill address. It turned out to belong to the boyfriend of a teen who was house sitting.  

DUI: Deputies alerted to be looking for a car on I-16 failing to maintain found it at a Highway 280 truck stop. The car smelled of pot and the driver was stoned, and couldn’t tell the deputy what day it was. Deputies also found a “white powdery substance” during a search, and the woman said “she and her cousin crush and snort Percocet.” She was arrested. 

Speeding, suspended license: A man was cited for speeding and driving on a suspended license after has clocked going 72 mph on Highway 280. The man, who showed the deputy he’d paid his fines and cleared up the suspension, was given a courtesy ride to Pembroke, but his car was towed. 

Theft by deception: A Richmond Hill woman reported she was scammed out of $4,500 by men who told her she had viruses on her computer.  

Warrant: Deputies picked up a man in Bulloch County wanted in Bryan County.  

Simple battery: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address regarding a fight between family members. 

Briefs from June 7 

Matter of record: A man reported the windshield to his rental car was damaged by a rock kicked up off the road by a truck towing a trailer on I-95 near exit 82. 

Animal complaint: An Ellabell woman reported neighbor’s dogs attacked her dog and her daughter’s dogs.  

Animal complaint: Dogs were reported left in a pickup cab with the windows up at Morgan’s Bridge. Owners were contacted and let the dogs out.  

Reckless driving: A man was stopped for reckless driving on Toni Branch Road after he reportedly tried to run someone off the road on Highway 204. 

Briefs from June 8 

Fraud:  A Richmond Hill woman reported someone tried to cash a check on her closed credit union account.  

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to a Richmond Hill address regarding an unruly juvenile.  

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill woman reported an unwanted person on her property. 

Matter of record: A man at Devall Henderson Park reported while watching his child play sports he was threatened by another parent, who left in a silver pickup before deputies arrived.  

Briefs from June 9 

Forgery: A woman on Highway 17 reported a fraudulent business check.  

DUI: A Florida woman was arrested on Highway 280 for DUI. Deputies were tipped off after she reportedly told a convenience store clerk she was drunk. 

Warrant: A Pembroke man was arrested on a warrant from Bulloch County. 

Fire: Deputies responded along with firefighters to a house fire in South Bryasn. 

Damage to property: A woman reported gravel from a dump truck damaged her windshield on Highway 280 near the entrance of the Hyundai Metaplant.  

Civil matter: An Ellabell woman reported her boyfriend refused to give back her car. 

Disorderly conduct: Deputies were called to an Ellabell address regarding a dispute between neighbors over bad driving. 

Briefs from June 10 

DUI, drug possession: A man was charged with a host of offenses after a deputy clocked him speeding on I-16 and followed him to a truck stop on Highway 280. Marijuana, cocaine, alcohol and two handguns were found during searches. The man wouldn’t listen to deputies and yelled at them a lot, the report said. He was taken to jail.  

Driving ATVs on road: A man reported kids were riding ATVs on Bell Road.  

Warrant: A man stopped on Eldora Road for driving a car without a license plate was found to be wanted in Effingham County.  

Meth: An Ellabell resident reported a man who tries to sell a family member meth broke into his home. Nothing appeared to be missing, however.  

Meth: A man stopped for riding an ATV on Morgan’s Bridge Road at Highway 204 was found with meth and marijuana in his possession.  

Matter of Record: Deputies were called to Highway 280 near a bar where someone had driven a pickup into a ditch. Empty beer bottles were found nearby. The pickup was towed out of the ditch by another pickup. Nobody admitted to driving the pickup into the ditch. It was driven away by a sober driver. 

Domestic dispute: Deputies were sent to Richmond Hill residence regarding a dispute between a couple getting a divorce. 

DUI, etc: A woman was arrested for driving under the influence on Highway 17 near the Liberty County line. She didn’t have a license. 

Briefs from June 11 

Speeding, no driver’s license: A Florida man was arrested for speeding and driving without a license on Highway 280 near Highway 204. 

Disorderly Conduct: An Ellabell man reported a woman in the house took all the food in the house and put it in the bed of a pickup.  

Matter of Record: A deputy on Highway 17 clocked a Toyota going 104 mph. The car went on the median to pass other vehicles and kept going to I-95. The deputy called off the chase because of heavy traffic and put out a BOLO.  

Domestic dispute: A man and woman got into an argument after church. 

Simple battery: A South Bryan couple got into an argument that turned physical. 

Domestic dispute: Deputies were called to a truck stop on Highway 280 after a couple got into an argument over money The man involved in the argument had already left when deputies arrived, taking the woman's car keys with him. 

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