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BCSO reports: Florida man shows up in yard, is held at gunpoint by homeowner
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports: 

Criminal trespass: Deputies were called to an Arden Park address at some point between 1 and 3 a.m. Aug. 9 because someone was trespassing in a man’s yard. When they got there, “the complainant had the offender at gunpoint in his front yard.” 

The man was told to put his gun away while the “offender” was put in handcuffs and deputies figured things out. The offender was identified as a man “who was on probation out of Florida and had just served five years in prison,” the report said, adding the man “kept saying he was at his girlfriend’s house in Midway and when asked how he got there he said he drove there to meet her.”

 The man’s car allegedly had a fifth of “Vanilla Crown Whiskey” and a small plastic bag of what looked like marijuana, and the man told deputies that was his and “to please not arrest him he had just gotten out of prison and to let him leave,” etc. Deputies “attempted several times to get his girlfriend’s name,” and the man gave a number of different names before one matched the name of the vehicle’s owner.

Deputies couldn’t get hold of her, so they had the car towed.

The complainant, meanwhile, said he heard his dog bark, looked outside and saw the man “walking around in his front yard.” The complainant said he saw the man get into a car that belonged to his mother-in- law, then get out, so he called the cops and then went to hold the man at gunpoint until deputies showed up.

 At some point during this, the offender then told a deputy “that he was really there to buy some acid from the homeowner because that was his dealer,” the report said, noting “the complainant was shocked to hear that information as well.” The complainant said he has video cameras and it’s all recorded. Deputies asked for a copy for court. Deputies found a card for a probation officer and tried to call him, but had no luck, so the man was arrested and taken to jail.

Simple battery, threats: An Ellabell man reported Aug. 7 his “ex employer had “cornered him at the Dip N Dash, and made threats against him.”

The complainant said he worked for the man “until recently when (the man) found out that he had spoken to his ex-wife and he did not like it so he fired him.”

The complainant said his former boss told him “that he better watch himself because he could be gotten to and someone may just get him if he wasn’t careful.”

Another complainant said he worked for the same guy but “had recently quit and started working for his ex-wife,” and as a result “(the former boss) came to the driver’s side window and cussed him and suddenly he reached in and smacked him in the face and then left,” a report said, noting the “ex employer” was “nowhere to be found upon arrival.”

The two men got case numbers and told how to get warrants.

Shots fired: An Ellabell man with a Highway 204 address reported July 7 that “people across the tracks had been shooting what may have been large rifles and one was possibly fully automatic,” a report said. The man said “several bullets had went by him and his family outside,” and they heard one hit the house. A deputy checked the hole in the side of the mobile home and “there was no dent in the metal under the vinyl siding,” and couldn’t find a bullet.

Deputies went to nearby Sandy Lane, which is where the complainant said the shots were coming from, and talked to two men “who said they had been shooting,” but “it was a shotgun and a bolt action rifle.” Deputies saw brass casings and the weapons themselves, and saw the two men had been shooting “down a slope with a large dirt backstop,” and trees between them and the complainant’s home. But they also said they “heard shooting from a nearby area where someone had been firing a semi auto rifle but it had not been them.” They were told if they were going to keep shooting on their property to “build the berm higher and make sure there were no houses in the direction they were firing.” 

Taser deployment: A deputy was told during morning briefing on Aug. 8 of a man who’d run from cops after a car chase on I-16 was wanted by law enforcement. Couple hours later, the deputy was told a man fitting the guy’s description was “walking on Bill Futch Road.”

It turned out to be the same man The man who had a knife, was asked to stop, tried to run and was tasered in the “back and in the back of the head, incapacitating him.” EMS was called and said the man was OK. He was taken to jail.

Criminal trespass: An Ellabell woman reported Aug. 8 someone “spray painted obscene things on her garage doors and her (SUV).”

The deputy who wrote the report saw the damage, which included “numbers obscene and defamatory words written in red and yellow spray paint.”

Another man at the scene said he’s friends with the woman and he recently divorced his wife, and she “was not happy with her divorce settlement.

He stated that he suspects that she, and or her sons … may have spray painted (the complainant’s) property.”

The complainant has security cameras, the report said.

Suspicious activity: A Kingston Circle, Richmond Hill woman reported Aug. 9 that there were suspicious subjects in her yard, a report said, and they’d left in a car.

Deputies stopped the car and found and identified four “male occupants in the vehicle.”

“The males stated they were in the area learning to drive a manual shift vehicle. (The vehicle owner) allowed deputies to search his vehicle. No evidence was found to prove the subjects were in the area for wrongful doing,” the report said. A deputy met with the complainant, who said she was in her garage when she heard a car door shut, then saw what she thought was someone “run off and get in the suspicious vehicle,” however nothing was missing and her vehicle was locked, the report said.

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