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BCSO reports: Dating site hookup goes wrong
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

 Scam: A Richmond Hill man reported June 22 he met a woman who called herself “Amy” on a dating siting site called Clover, “and that she sent him a nude photograph of herself.

(He) stated that upon receiving the photograph he sent a nude photograph of himself to Amy. (He) informed me that Amy listed her age as 26 on the website.”

The man said “after the exchange of photos he received a text from Amy’s Dad informing (him) that Amy was underage,” and demanding $595 or he’d go to police. The man said he then looked at the website and the woman’s profile listed her as 19.

The man said he tried to call the number “Amy and her Dad were texting from, and that cell phone number was disconnected,” and the photo of her had been deleted. He wanted to report the incident in case either of them tried to press charges.

The deputy saw the text asking for money “by a person referred to as Amy’s Dad.” The man was given a case number.

Aggravated assault: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address June 21 where a woman said “someone from the residence behind her home has been throwing things over the dividing fence and into her yard,” and that “she and her family were just moving into the home today. She stated that several objects thrown were hitting the rear of the house. She continued and stated that other objects had been thrown over the house, striking (a woman’s) 2005 Jaguar S-Type, damaging the windshield (and almost hitting the car owner and complainant.”

So, deputies “entered the back yard to identify any damage. While deputies were in the back yard, the offenders threw objects at officers; the objects were later found to be various sized sockets from a socket wrench kit. At this time deputies relocated to the residence behind the complainant’s home. Deputies made contact with the offenders (a man and juvenile). Deputies also made contact with the juvenile’s (father and sister) and several others that resided in the home,” the report said.

Everyone denied “throwing anything over the fence,” the report said, until the juvenile admitted his buddy was throwing the sockets. “Deputies collected four various sized Craftsman sockets from the complainant’s property.” The offenders were arrested and taken to jail.

Speeding: A deputy was running radar on Highway 17 after midnight June 15 when he clocked a vehicle going 80 mph and attempted to pull it over, only to see the driver stop the thing “in the middle of the road on Highway 17,” a report said. “I told the driver over the PA several times to pull his vehicle off the driveway. Finally, the driver pulled the off the roadway,” and told the deputy he was on his way to meet a girl and that’s “was the reason he was speeding.”

The deputy said he smelled pot, the driver said didn’t have any but had smoked some earlier, then fished some marijuana in a bag out of his pocket and gave it to the deputy.

“”In the bag was a glass vial with a clear liquid in it,” the Around this time, the man walked in front of the deputy’s car and had trouble keeping his balance. “He was swaying back and forth and could not stand still,” etc. Then Richmond Hill Police Department officers and another deputy showed up and the man asked if he could sit down. He later asked to stand back up and “began telling officers that he takes a small amount of LSD every other day to help his brain function properly. While speaking to officers (the man) looked at me then fell backwards onto the ground. He looked up at officers while on the ground and then sat up and stated he passed out. EMS was called and arrived a short time later.”

They checked the man, who didn’t want to go to the hospital. The liquid tested positive for LSD and the man was arrested for drugs. A friend got his car, and he was taken to jail, etc.

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