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BCSO reports: Damage to property a theme this week
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

Damage to property: A woman reported Jan. 21 she was driving on I-16 around 9:30 a.m. near the 138 mile marker when “she struck a ladder laying on the interstate, and did not have time to react to avoid hitting this ladder.”

Her vehicle suffered “moderate” damage to the front end and side, the report said.

Damage to property: A man reported shortly after midnight on Jan. 15 he pulled into the weigh station on I-16 “to try and find a restroom,” and “an unknown animal ran out in front of him and he made an evasive maneuver, causing him to slide down the embankment.”

The man’s car was damaged and had to be towed.

Damage to property: A semi driver from Macon reported Jan. 9 he was headed south on I-94 near the 88 mile marker when he “noticed smoke coming from under the dash.” The driver said he pulled over, got out of the turck “calling 911 as he got a safe distance from the now burning truck.”

The truck was destroyed, the report said, but the “trailer appeared to be ok at the time of the incident.” There were no injuries.

Damage to property: A man and woman driving south in separate cars on I-95 around 8:30 a.m. Jan. 15 near mile marker 86 reported “an unknown semi truck” hit an orange construction barrel,” and it hit both their cars, causing damage. The woman’s car had to be towed. The man was able to drive his away. There were no injuries, but dang.

Damage to property: A man in a pickup was reportedly towing a trailer at Black Creek Golf Course on Jan. 15 when he knocked over a light pole and then drove away. The license plate came back to a Springfield man, who was contacted. He came back to the golf course “to provide Georgia Power, the owner of the light pole, his insurance information so the light pole could be repaired.”

Theft: Deputies were sent to the Zip-N on Highway 204 on Jan. 16 regarding “a white male subject stealing candy.” The deputies met with the store owner, who said the man came in and “ate some candy while he was walking up and down the aisles, before he went to the cooler and got some beer.”

The owner said the man then went to pay for the beer but refused to pay for the candy and left the store. The incident was captured on video.

Deputies then went to the man’s house and he said the store owner was trying to overcharge him for the candy. Deputies then learned the man was wanted in Pooler, so he was first taken to the store to be issued a criminal trespass notice, and “then transported to Dashers Landing where he was turned over to a Pooler police officer.”

Threats: A fellow went to Ellabell Jan. 15 to report a man went to his house around 10:30 a.m. “to confront him for having physical relations with his ex-fiance.”

The complainant said that during the course of the “verbal altercation,” the other guy told him “’I’ve done 11 years in prison for murder, you don’t know messing with,” then left.

The next day, the complainant said the man came back to drop off some personal items of his, and they got into another argument in which the man allegedly said, “’One day someone is going to get a gun and blow your head off,’” the report said. The complainant wanted the deputy to go over to the man’s house and tell him not to come over.

The deputy did, and the man agreed not to have contact with the complainant.

Barking dog: This one comes almost verbatim from a deputy’s Jan. 16 report set in Ellabell.

“I met with the complainant in reference to the offenders dogs barking all night. The complainant stated that the offender lets his dogs out all night and they bark constantly. I was on scene from approximately 0030 to 0120 hours and never heard the offenders dogs bark. I advised the complainant I would speak with the offender about the barking dogs.”

“I then spoke to the offender about the incident, and was invited into the offenders residence to view video camera footage of the incident.”

“The offender stated that his dogs did have a dog door which allowed them to leave the residence and go into his fenced in yard, and the only time his dogs would bark was when someone was in the area moving around. The offender showed me footage from his video cameras, of the complainant, or people from the complainant’s residence, going in and out of a storage shed on their property late at night, causing his dogs to bark.

“The offender stated that that he thought the complainant was living in the storage shed and not the single wide trailer on their property. The offender stated that he had already contacted the Bryan County Code Enforcement officer about the complainant possibly living in the shed or an RV also on the complainant’s property.”

“I advised all parties involved that this was an animal control issue and there were no criminal laws being broken.”

“The offender wanted a report made of this incident. The offender also stated that the complainant also has a small dog that causes his dogs to bark whenever it outside. The offender did state that the complainant’s dog was on a lead on their property whenever it was outside.”

“The offender stated that his dogs would not bark if the complainant and the neighbor across the street did not keep such late hours by being outside all night.”

“I also listed to complainants from both parties about each of them calling each other names and basically just not getting along with each other.”

Matter of record: A deputy was sent Jan. 16 to a Richmond Hill address regarding a Richmond Hill High School student who said he was in a hallway at the school between the second and third periods when a “white male about 5-foot-5 in height with brown hair and a slim build wearing a trench coat,” and wearing a “mask similar to a surgical mask,” was “pointing at people with his hands as if they were a gun.”

The male then went into a bathroom.

The student told the deputy he didn’t tell anyone at school about this, and when he got home and told his mother she called 911.

The RHHS school resource officer was called and the student was told to talk to him the next day.

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