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BCSO reports: Cat at center of custody dispute
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Civil matter: A deputy was sent to the intersection of Belfast Keller and Cranston Road around 9:19 p.m. June 25 where he met with the complainant, a 19-year-old Hinesville man who said he’d dated his girlfriend for four years and they recently broke up.

“(Complainant) stated he purchased a pet cat while he was dating (the girl),” and “he allowed (her) to keep his cat at her residence for an extended period of time. (Complainant) stated he’s been attempting to get his cat back (from the girl). (He) stated (she) will not give him back his cat as he requested.”

So, the deputy went to the girl’s home and met with the girl and her mother. “(The girl) stated the cat was gifted to her by (the complainant). (She) retained possession of the cat at her residence.”

The deputy referred the complainant, his ex girlfriend and her mother to magistrate’s court, and told the boyfriend to stay away from the girl and her home, and to “cease all communications with each other.”

Property damage: A deputy was sent to Highway 17 around 1:45 p.m. June 25 to deal with an accident involving a Richmond Hill Fire Department fire engine. According to the report, the fire truck was heading south on an emergency call when it “ran over a hump in the roadway, causing the hoses to shift and begin to fall out of the back of the fire truck, onto Highway 17 in the travel lane.”

A second vehicle heading south hit one of the couplings attached to a hose, damaging the car. No one was hurt, the driver was taken home by the deputy and her car was left in a parking lot until she decided what to do with it.

Damage to property: A woman reported around 11:48 a.m. June 24 she was driving on Harris Trail near an “area where the county public works department was cutting the grass in the ditches. As (her vehicle) passed the mower an object flew up into the right rear window of her vehicle causing window damage.”

No injuries were reported and the woman was able to drive her vehicle home.

Damage to property: A deputy was sent to the Fort MCallister campground entrance around midnight June 26. “The caller stated that she hit the front gate going into the entrance of the campgrounds,” the report said, noting the deputy met the caller and “she stated she did not know the gate was closed and she was reaching down into the front seat to get her camp site number. The next thing she heard was her and her car crashing into the front gate.”

There were no injuries. “The DNR ranger was called to check out the gate and he removed it from the posts, so the roadway was clear.”

Damage to the woman’s car was “extensive,” the report said, but the woman drove it away after getting a case number.

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