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BCSO reports: Bull gets loose, chaos ensues
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From Bryan County Sheriffs Office reports:

Traffic hazard: Deputies were sent to Cartertown Road in South Bryan around 8:30 p.m. March 18 “in reference to a bull causing a traffic hazard.”

The complainant told deputies “his bull had gotten out a few days back and he has been trying to catch it unsuccessfully,” the report said.

“He said he had hired people to help catch it but they had not been able to help.”

As a result, “the bull was running through the area and causing a severe traffic hazard.” After some discussion the owner asked that the animal be put down because “he was worried that someone would hit it due to its dark coloring.” Deputies agreed the animal needed to be put down for safety reasons. It was. The owner and some friends “took the animal and left the area with it,” the report said.

Public drunk: Deputies responded to an Ellabell address around 6:30 a.m. March 25 “in regards to a report of an unknown white male who had been located in the front yard of the complainant’s residence.”

Both the complainant and the offender were there when deputies arrived.

“The complainant stated that when he walked out his residence he observed the white male in his yard looking into his vehicle,” the report said.

“The complainant stated that he never invited anybody to his property and approached the unidentified party … and asked what he was doing. The offender stated that he was looking for his wife. The complainant called 911 and attempted to keep the offender talking until deputies arrived.”

As for the offender, “he told (deputies) that he was not actually married but he was looking for ‘the love of my life. I’m going to marry (a woman he named).’ When asked where she supposedly was he responded ‘we were going to meet at the Macedonia Graveyard and get married at midnight.’” The report continued: “The offender appeared to have dilated pupils that did not respond to direct light and was covered in mud and sand without any shoes on. When asked if he had lost his shoes, he simply responded, ‘It’s been a long night.’”

The man was arrested.

It turned out he’d parked near the cemetery and had been walking through the woods until he went into the man’s yard.

Burglary: A Pembroke man reported March 26 that someone “unknown came into his residence and his bedroom and had taken one stick of deodorant and $30 cash from his wallet.”

Nothing else was taken.

The man gave deputies the name of a suspect who lives in a tent nearby.

Argument: A deputy was sent to a Richmond Hill address around 2 p.m. March 22 regarding a domestic dispute. There, he met with the complainant, who said her father-in-law “was trying to remove the refrigerator from the house,” and her son “had medication that needed to be refrigerated.”

The deputy then talked to the man, who said “he was going to remove the refrigerator from the house.” “He stated that he has allowed them to live with him,, but that (his daughter- in-law) does not pay rent and sits around all day. He also stated that she and her husband attempted to fix a leak under the bathroom sink ‘a while back’ and that whatever substance they used to do so was now on the bathroom floor.”

The man was told how to go through the eviction process.

Vandalism: Deputies were sent to the Recreation Department on Timber Trail on March 26 because someone slashed the tires on two county pickups. “Both vehicles had three tires apiece slashed on them. The cuts were in the sidewall of all the tires flattening them and damaging them so that they could not hold air.”

In an apparently related report, a Chevy mini-bus parked at the Jacob Grant Community center “had its left front tire slashed and the back panel covering a window pulled off.”

What’s more, “someone had gone inside (the bus) and gone through the first aid kit in it and threw the contents out on the inside of the bus. A control panel above the driver’s seat had been pulled down as well.”

Damage to property: Deputies were sent to a North Bryan address around 12:30 p.m. March 28 regarding a damaged fence. The complainant “showed deputies the fence located at the back of the property. One of the panels was leaning over, as if someone had leaned on it. Residents (from a neighboring address) appeared to have leaned on it or thrown something at it. Deputies spoke with the residents and advised them not to touch the fence or throw items at it.”

As for the fence, it “looked like it could be put back together (plastic panels) but it was unknown at the time of the report.”

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