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BCSO reports: Breaking up is hard to do, stalking and mad neighbors
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

 Matter of record: A deputy was sent to a trailer park on Highway 17 on Aug. 4 “in reference to a caller breaking up with his girlfriend.” There, the deputy found the complainant “sitting on the ground shirtless under an abandoned building.”

When the complainant saw the deputy, he stood up, and “appeared to be pulling his pants up when (another deputy) called out that (the complainant) had a gun on his person.”

Deputies told the man to lay down and took the gun, a pocket knife, bandanna and wallet, then asked him why he’d called for help.

“(He) refused to speak about anything that happened becoming highly volatile with (deputies),” but eventually told them the “incident originally happened in Liberty County,” and that he’d be going to stay with his mother, the report said.

Stalking: A deputy went to RHPD on Aug. 2 to handle a case that took place in the county. A complainant said he drove to the Henderson Shell station, then headed back to his boat at Fort McAllister Marina, and noticed he was being followed.

“He stated he made an obvious turn around to see what the person he believed was following him would do, and they continued to follow him,” the report said. “(Complainant) said he confronted the person (who was identified) ... and asked him why he was following him. (Complainant) advised that (the person) informed him that his son’s cell phone was stolen and that he wished to search (complainant) for said sell phone.”

The complainant got a case number, and was told how to get a warrant. The man who followed the complainant said his son’s phone was stolen at a pool in Richmond Hill, and his wife was pinging the phone which showed it at the Shell station at same time the complainant was there and “the phone ping showed the cell phone making the same turns as (the complainant) each time. He stated he was waiting to see if it pinged again when they turned into a neighborhood off of Fort McAllister Road.”

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to a Waterford Landing address on Aug. 3 “in reference to a neighbor dispute.”

The victim told the deputy his wife and another man’s wife “had a disagreement during a text conversation the previous week. (Victim) stated (the other man) attempted to confront him on Aug. 1 at the Waterford pool,” the report continued. “(Victim) stated both parties left the pool area without incident. (Victim) stated that he drove by an intoxicated (the other man) on their golf carts at the Waterford Docks. (Victim) stated (the other man) appeared confrontational.

The other man said “he was not intoxicated but did act in a confrontational manner. (Both men) agreed to stay home and to not have any communications with one another from this point on.”

Simple assault: A Pembroke woman reported Aug. 3 she was sitting in her parked car when her “husband’s girlfriend and (the girlfriend’s mother) came up to (the victim) while she was still sitting in her vehicle,” a report said. “While she was still sitting in her vehicle (the girlfriend) reached in through the door window and began punching (the victim) about the head and face.”

Then, the woman said, her husband’s girlfriend’s mother “reached in and they both pulled her out of the vehicle and began holding (victim) down in the ditch next to her vehicle where (the girlfriend) continued to punch (the victim).”

She wanted a report so she could get warrants against both of them.

Damage to property: Deputies were sent to mile marker 139 on I-16 west on Aug. 1 because a semi had hit a tree. The driver said he was driving when “a large tree being cut” by a land company “came into his lane and he struck the tree with his 2006 Freightliner damaging his windshield, mirror and body of his vehicle.”

The man didn’t need EMS, “and he did walk to where the men were working to advise them of the incident. A representative of the company … came out and assisted (the driver) the best way he could and offered towing for his vehicle.”

The company cutting the trees was insured, the report said.

Damage to property: A deputy was sent July 31 to a Belfast Keller Road address where a man “advised that sometime during the night an unknown person(s) damaged his 2017 Ford Super Duty Truck,” a report said. “The damage consisted of a dent in the front of the hood, as well as scratches down both sides of the truck. There were also several beer cans thrown into the bed of the truck along with several whiskey bottles that were poured out into the bed of the truck. There was also a 5 liter Warsteiner beer keg, thrown into the bed of the truck, that appeared to have been stabbed with a knife numerous times.”

The man said he and his wife “are currently going through a divorce and still reside in the same house,” the report said, adding the man said the alcohol “that was thrown into the bed of his truck came from inside his garage,” and that his wife and left the house with their two sons.

He got a case number.

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