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BCSO reports: 2 a.m. dog-training golf cart driver cited for DUI
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Department incident reports:

 DUI: Deputies parked at a Hwy. 144 convenience store around 1:59 a.m. Aug. 17 saw a golf cart pass on Highway 144 and then turn onto Fort McAllister Road.

“The driver of the golf cart then pulled into the store parking lot. The driver pulled alongside the passenger side of my patrol car and said ‘am I bothering y’all I’m just trying to train my dog,’” one of the deputies reported, adding that the woman’s “speech was very slurred and she was staying bent over and then she sat up real fast. I asked her if she had been drinking any alcohol and she held up a water bottle. As I went to exit my patrol car the driver started to drive off. I said where are you going, she replied ‘away from y’all.’” The deputy then “followed the driver around the parking lot with my patrol car. I activated my emergency lights and siren to get her to stop. As she pulled to the side of the store she started backing up and almost struck my patrol car with the rear of the golf cart.”

The deputy got out and put the woman in handcuffs, gave her a preliminary breath test (she tested positive, the report said), then put her in a patrol car. The 57-year-old woman gave the deputy her name and the name of her husband, who “arrived on scene and recovered the golf cart and dog.” The woman was charged with DUI.

Simple assault: A deputy was sent to the Kings Ferry RV park around 11:42 p.m. Aug. 17 due to a report of a fight in progress.

There, he was approached by a man who said “he and his daughter got into an altercation over alcohol,” and the deputy reported the man “exhibited multiple signs of being severely intoxicated on alcohol.” The man’s daughter told the deputy “the altercation started when her father entered the RV while severely intoxicated and demanded that she share her beer with him.” The woman told the deputy that her father grabbed her and tried to put her in “a choke hold,” and hit her in the face. The deputy “did not observe any marks or bruises on the woman” but did see “she also exhibited many signs of being under the influence of alcohol.”

The deputy then talked to the wife and mother: “(She) stated it was common for her husband and daughter to fight when they are intoxicated.” No charges were filed.

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