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BCSO blotter: Woman seeking coffee filter leads to 911 call
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office incident reports: 

Suspicious incident: A deputy was sent around 11 a.m. June 25 to a South Bryan address “in regards to a white female knocking on the caller’s door. It was described that she had a crazed look on her face and was knocking very aggressively.” The deputy met with the caller who described the woman and said she was standing there “with a crazy look on her face,” and wouldn’t go away. The deputy then went across the street to talk to the woman doing the knocking.

“She advised she was trying to borrow a coffee filter and she is naturally loud but meant no harm.” She was also not happy the “caller called the police on her.” She was told she wasn’t welcome on the caller’s property, etc.

DUI, failure to report an accident: A man said he was trying to buckle up his son’s seatbelt when he wrecked around 7:30 p.m. June 24 on Black Creek Church Road. He said he and his son then ran from the site of the single-vehicle accident because he’d been drinking and didn’t want to lose custody of his son.

Burglary: A deputy was sent June 27 to a new development in South Bryan because “someone entered this newly built home and took the bottom drawer from a whirlpool oven/ range,” according to a construction superintendent. There was no sign of forced entry. The drawer was silver and estimated to be worth $200.

In a possibly related report, the complainant said someone went into another home on the same street and “removed a whirlpool oven/range with a value of $918.”

There were no signs of forced entry there, either.

The case is under investigation.

Theft: A man was given a warning and banned from a Blitchton convenience store after he went into the store around 7 p.m. June 20 and “stole the beer from the store and consumed the beer while still in the store and left the business.”

The man was ID’d through the tag number on his pickup. He came back to the store later and was given the notice and told not to come back into the store.

More reports: June 23 Reckless driving: A deputy pulled over a Hyundai Sonata being driven “with the front right tire missing,” north on Highway 17 at around 10 a.m. The driver said he planned on driving to Rincon. He was also determined to be under the influence by a Georgia State Trooper called to the scene and was arrested and taken to jail.

Speeding, no driver’s license: A man in an F150 with Alabama plates was stopped on Eldora Road for going 76 mph in a 55 mph zone and crossing a white shoulder line. He didn’t have a license and didn’t speak English.

Fraud: A Richmond Hill woman reported Lifelock texted her to tell her someone was trying to use her ID and address in Texas without her consent.

Harassing communications: A South Bryan man who runs a Facebook page with mugshots reported one of the men whose mugshot he posted had begun to harass him.

Matter of record: An Ellabell woman said she tried to sell a dresser on Facebook Marketplace and someone contacted her to buy it, but things were fishy and she suspected fraud.

Speeding: A teen was arrested for DUI drugs after he was clocked doing 70 mph on Highway 144 with five passengers his pickup. The teen and the pickup cab smelled of pot, etc., and the kid flunked a field sobriety test.

Matter of record: A man involved in a wreck on I-95 was found to be wanted in Chatham County, but Chatham wanted him to be checked out by a hospital and the man wouldn’t go so he was taken to a McDonald’s at Dean Forest Road and released.

June 24 DUI: A man was arrested for DUI and driving on the wrong side of the road after he was stopped on Highway 280 west between the two sets of lights at the I-16 interchange. He reportedly failed a field sobriety test.

Speeding, tailgating and no license: A man was arrested after the pickup was driving was clocked at 93 mph on I-16 west near mile marker 143.5. The man didn’t have a license, didn’t speak English and told the deputy he was running late for work. He gave the deputy a Guatamalan ID. He was cited, given a court date, etc. Someone came to pick up him and other workers in the vehicle.

Welfare check: Deputies were called to a Richmond Hill address to check on a 10-year-old, who was found to be safe. There was a lot of drama involving adults, however and the deputy reported there had been four calls to the home in May.

Domestic disturbance: Deputies were called by a neighbor to break up a disturbance between an Ellabell man and his wife.

The man had left by the time deputies came and the wife didn’t want to press charges.

Warrant: An Ellabell man was arrested on a BCSO warrant for three counts of first degree cruelty to children.

DUI, warrant: A man was arrested on Highway 17 after the SUV he was driving went over the fog line and then the tag came back showing the driver was wanted. Apparently both he and a passenger were stoned, and she was also wanted on a warrant.

Accident: A South Bryan woman involved in a crash said it involved a family member of a BCSO deputy, so the GSP was called in to investigate.

DUI: A man was arrested for being DUI after his vehicle was pulled over on Highway 17 for a what appeared to be a window tint violation. During the stop the deputy smelled pot, and the driver was apparently under the influence. A K9 dog also alerted on the car, and pot and a halffull bottle of an alcoholic beverage was found in the car.

June 25 DUI, speeding, etc: A man clocked around 1 a.m. doing 91 mph in a Nissan Pathfinder on Highway 17 was found to be DUI. The report noted when he got out of the driver’s seat his shorts were unzipped and covered in urine.

Warrant: Deputies arrested a man in Ellabell who was wanted for aggravated assault.

Animal complaint: A South Bryan woman reported a dog bit her on the arm while she was taking a walk in her neighborhood.

Driving without a license: A man who didn’t speak English was arrested for driving without a license and failure to maintain lane after he was spotted weaving on I-95 south. He vehicle was towed.

DUI, unsecured load, etc: A man was arrested for DUI after he stopped on Highway 144 because “he had lost a box of screws in the roadway,” and had stopped to pick them up. During that exercise the driver smelled of alcohol and later failed a field sobriety test. It also turned out the man didn’t have a driver’s license and wasn’t from the U.S.

June 26 No insurance: A man was stopped on Highway 80 near Olive Branch Road for driving without insurance.

Damage to property: A North Bryan man reported he disconnected a cargo container near the ditch of his property and went inside, then came back out and saw it had fallen over onto its side into the ditch. He suspected this was due to recent rains making the ground soggy. He had a tow truck coming to get the container.

June 27 Disorderly conduct, warrant: A man arrested for disorderly conduct at a gas station on Highway 280 was found to be wanted in Effingham County.

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to a South Bryan address to talk to a teen who was acting unruly.

Welfare check: A deputy was sent to a Highway 67 address to check on an 84-year-old woman. The deputy was unable to “observe any signs of distress.”

Theft by deception: A South Bryan man reported he paid $7,700 in December to install a generator but it was delayed due to his health. A portion of the job was done in March but the installation wasn’t complete and the complainant said he hasn’t been able to contact the man doing the work.

Suspended license: A man was arrested for driving on Highway 280 with a suspended license.

Damage to property: A deputy acting as an escort while residents removed belongings from a Richmond Hill home reported the moving truck backed into a tree next to the driveway and knocked off a branch.

Stolen tag: A man in Black Creek reported the tag on his trailer was stolen. The last time he remembers seeing it was June 19.

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to referee a dispute between a landlord and tenant in Richmond Hill.

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill man reported his ex-wife was harrassing him a lot.

Simple assault: A deputy responded to a Highway 204 address regarding threats resulting from an ongoing feud.

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office incident reports: June 20 Harassment: A Pembroke woman reported someone posted an offensive sign in her front yard.

Harassment: A Richmond Hill woman reported getting a threatening message from a man.

Animal complaint: An Ellabell woman said her neighbor’s dog “had rushed at her in her vehicle and jumped on the vehicle causing scratches.” The dog’s owner told the deputy he was “fed up with the dog,” and was considering shooting it. The deputy told the man that would be a crime. Bryan County Animal Control gave the man a warning because the dog’s rabies shots were not up to date. The deputy gave him a warning for letting his dog roam freely.

Suspended license: The driver of a vehicle stopped on Highway 17 in Richmond Hill because of a severely cracked windshield was found to have a suspended license for failing to appear to a Nov. 19, 2019 court date. The man was arrested. His girlfriend was able to get the vehicle. Warrant: A man wanted by Bulloch County authorities ran from a home in Ellabell and was not located.

Theft: Building supplies were again reported stolen from a residential site in Richmond Hill. This time it was 40 sheets of OSB board, valued at about $700.

June 21 Damage to property: A Georgia Department of Transportation CHAMP worker reported damage to cable and guardrails in two areas on I-95 about half a mile apart. The damage was in the median north of the Belfast Keller interchange.

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill man reported a woman was on his dock and he wanted her gone. She had earlier been banned from the property, but his wife had let her return and she was receiving mail there.

Obstruction: An Ellabell woman was arrested on a warrant out of Chatham County.

The report said she put up a fight and had to be restrained.

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