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BCSO blotter: Woman makes capture difficult
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Warrant service: Deputies were told June 28 that a 27-year-old Ellabell woman was wanted in Chatham County and authorities there wanted her picked up, and were also told her address.

There, they found the woman “in a shed area attached to the back of the house,” and “gave (her) a chance to put on clothes due to her being in a bikini.”

The woman then hid instead of changing, and a deputy found her “hiding behind a piece of wood in the shed. When (she) came out, her top was off of her chest exposing her breasts.” (She) then hindered deputies further by taking the bottoms of her bikinis off and urinating on herself and in a cup. (She) then refused to put clothes on due to her still urinating as well as defecating on herself. (She) was told multiple times to put clothes on and fix her top but refused.”

Eventually, deputies had to grab her to handcuff her, and the woman “was able to get pants on with help from another party on scene. (She) was transported directly to Chatham County Jail without further incident.”

DUI drugs: A U.S. Marshal called around 8 a.m. June 22 to report he had pulled a vehicle over on Highway 280 to check on the driver, because the of the a vehicle “failing to maintain its lane of travel several times.”

The Marshal told BCSO he’d been behind the vehicle since he got to the county line between Bryan and Evans counties and saw the driver of the vehicle at one point “stop in the middle of the roadway.”

Once a deputy arrived, the woman said she was weaving because “she had an issue with her contact,” but also admitted to falling asleep on occasion. She failed a sobriety test and was arrested.

Found gun: A deputy was sent June 22 to Dasher’s Landing where a woman said that “while she was swimming near the bridge she stepped on a gun. (She) thought it was a stick, when she picked it up she discovered it was a shotgun.”

The shotgun was a Harrington and Richardson single-shot 12 gauge and a check of its serial number showed it was clean. It was turned over the evidence custodian.

Lost trailer: A woman went to BCSO on June 27 to report “her trailer was removed from the lot she had rented in (a local RV park).”

The woman “stated she spoke with the property manager, property owner and neighbor and no one was able to advise who removed her camper trailer.”

She gave deputies a description and a BOLO was issued. She was told to call if her trailer was found.

Disorderly conduct, more: Deputies were sent to an Eldora Road address on June 27 regarding a man “yelling in the yard.”

The man doing the yelling told deputies he was “trying to find out if a piece of equipment was the property owners,” and said “that he was there trying to buy a dump truck then changed it to a pickup truck.”

A witness who knew the man said “he was in the yard yelling but did not know why,” and had come onto nearby property a week ago, “opening animal pens and yelling in that yard.”

Nobody called BCSO at that point because the man ran off.

This time, the man was arrested. On the way to jail the man “continued to be loud and repeated himself as he talked,” and “would talk about being a member of The Ghost Face Gang and being a white star general. (He) also made statements about him being high on the Holy Spirit and also stated he had taken some type of steroid.”

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill man reported June 28 that “during a thunderstorm his vehicle was struck by lightning. When lightening struck his vehicle it is believed that it disabled the computer as now it won’t function as it should.”

The man said he called his insurance company and they’d have it towed to a Jeep dealership to be repaired. He got a case number.

Matter of record: A deputy on June 28 was told of a man “walking out into traffic in the rainy weather on Cartertown Road,” who was staying on “a mattress in a vacant lot by a the road.”

The deputy found the 43-year-old man, who told him the property belonged to his father, “until he passed away and now another member has it” and he had permission to stay there. The deputy said “he could not stay out in this weather the way he is and that too many complaints are coming into 911 about his well being and him walking around into traffic,” the report said.

The deputy helped the man gather and load his belongings into the patrol car and “transported him down Highway 17 to the county line of Liberty where another gentleman ... was staying and (the) man could stay until he gets on his feet and then get off the streets.”

Also, a woman stopped and told the deputy “and gave her name and said she was a friend of his and his family and would be working first thing in the morning to get (the man) some much needed help.”

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