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BCSO blotter: Teeth for tools?
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Physical altercation: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address around 5:30 p.m. Sept 11 regarding a fight over car repairs. The complainant said he was helping a man fix his car, and the man got angry at him and accused him “of blowing up the car’s engine.” 

The complainant then said the man told him to leave his property so, “he was attempting to get in his vehicle when (the man) slammed the vehicle’s door on (the complainant’s) artificial leg.” The complainant then showed a deputy “a text message conversation between the two of them,” and “the conversation consisted of (the man) saying he wasn’t going to return (the complainant’s teeth, or lower denture) to him until he returned his tools.”

The report continued: “(Complainant) had (the man’s) tools and was willing to return the tools in exchange for his teeth.

Deputies knocked on the front and rear door for about 15 minutes until (the man) would come to the door. (He) finally came to the door and exchanged the teeth for the tools.”

The complainant “did not wish to pursue criminal charges against (the man) for slamming a vehicle door on his artificial leg.”

 Disorderly conduct: Deputies had to forcibly remove a couple’s 59-year-old son from an Ellabell home around 10:30 p.m. Sept. 14 because he apparently had gotten hold of “some bad drugs.” The report said the man was “detoxing in the attic,” and when deputies asked him to come down he “stated ‘come and get it’” to deputies, then began throwing down suitcase and “miscellaneous items,” at them.

Ultimately, and after “a short struggle,” the deputies were able to get him into a patrol car. He was taken to Bryan County Jail, where he later had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital after he passed out. The man apparently used meth and had high blood pressure.

Warrants for obstruction and disorderly conduct were to be taken out, the report said.

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to a Pembroke address around 1 p.m. on Sept. 11 because the complainant “wanted to report he is a special agent and that his work was trying to kill him. He advised they tried to kill him on the previous night by sending the sheriff’s office out there to shoot him. (The complainant) also made comments that he is heavily armed and has better training than the police.”

According to a separate report deputies were called to the same home around 1 a.m. Sept. 11 because “of a welfare check called in by the Georgia Crisis Hotline,” who said the man had called it several times and was “agitated.” Deputies saw him through his bedroom window and he had what appeared to be a gun and told deputies he “was a federal agent and that he was heavily armed,” while pointing the item at a deputy.

A BCSO sergeant talked to the man, “and (he) again stated that he was a federal agent. He then requested that deputies not kill him. He was advised that he wouldn’t.” The man also said he didn’t call the hotline “and that he had not intent on harming himself.”

Dog attack: Deputies were dispatched to an Ellabell address around 9 a.m. Sept. 11 because a neighbor’s dogs had attacked their goat and killed one of their dogs. “Deputies made contact with the owner of the dogs … (she) advised that she let her dogs out to sue the restroom and then was told her dogs attacked the neighbor’s goat.”

Both dogs were in a pen when deputies arrived. Animal control was contacted.

Irate customer: Deputies were sent to the Love’s Truck Stop in Elalbell around 1:43 a.m. Sept. 11 because a 28-year-old Bulloch County man took filled up three cups with fountain drinks and drank them, but only paid for one.

The clerk told BCSO “when she told him to stop pulling cups out and that he had to pay for the three he took out, he became belligerent and began cussing at her.”
The man was at his car when deputies arrived and “corroborated the story told by (the complainant) but stated that she was rude.” He had money to pay for the drinks and the complainant agreed to take the money, but “stated that she wanted him off the premises.”
The deputy noted the man “did appear to be under the influence of a narcotic. He eyes were pinpoint and the movement of his arms and torso were unusual, and sporadic. (He) then began vomiting while I was speaking to him,” the report said, and a check of the man’s license number showed it had been suspended for not showing up in court, but he hadn’t been served with the notice.

The deputy seized the man’s license. His mother came to get him and was “advised to seek the assistance of the Probate Clerk in Bulloch County” if she wanted to get him help for substance abuse. 

Theft: A Richmond Hill man reported Sept. 10 he was missing come collector’s coins. The man said he was checking in his gun safe when he found “four of his US Money Reserve collector coin boxes empty.”
Missing were five 2000 Liberty 1 ounce silver dollars, three gold pieces and a “Palladium 1 ounce,” the report said, as well as a Gerber knife. The man said he suspected a woman he’d let stay in the house took them, and had already filed charges against her for credit card fraud.

The complainant said the woman had been in his home with another man, but had recently moved out and was recently seen in Pooler or Bloomingdale in the man’s truck.

 DUI: A 70-year-old Savannah man was pulled over driving on Highway 280 around 8:30 p.m. Sept. 30 because he was going 48 mph in a 55 mph zone and twice crossed a white line. He had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol, the report said, and failed a sobriety test.

Then, as the deputy tried to read him the Georgia Implied Consent test, the man “started to walk away,” and told the deputy not to read it. He also told the deputy he shouldn’t arrest the man because of his family, and also said that he was a retired martial artist and “that if I weren’t careful, he would hurt me,” the deputy reported.

After getting the man in the patrol car, he told the deputy “he did not want his seat belt,” and when the deputy “told him he had to wear it out, (he) said that he would knock me out and I would not see it coming.”

The man was taken to Bryan County Jail.

Accident: Deputies responded to a single vehicle accident on Eldora Road near the Bulloch County line on Sept. 7 in which the driver “stated that he reached over to get his soda and ran off the roadway.”
 The man’s pickup “ended up on its driver’s side, facing west. There were not witnesses.”
EMS responded as well but the man said his girlfriend would take him to the hospital.

The man’s pickup was towed.

 DUI drugs; A 43-year-old Savannah woman was found slumped over the steering wheel of her SUV in the parking lot of a convenience store on Highway 17 around 3 p.m. Sept. 11. After she was woken up, the investigation turned up possible meth, THC gummies and an assortment of prescription pills in her SUV . She was charged with DUI and “four different drug related charges,” and taken to jail.   

Battery: Deputies were sent to the parking lot of an Ellabell address – apparently a church – around noon Sept. 8 because of a “report of an assault on a woman holding a baby.”

The reporting deputy said there was a large group “of people in the area and (he) had a difficult time separating parties,” but he was able to ID the complainant, a 29-year-old woman, while a 41-year-old woman “along with another group continued to yell and request (the complainant) be removed from the church party.”

The deputy “had a difficult time explaining that (he) requested (the complainant) remain on scene as EMS was responding to the location and (he) also needed to speak to her,” and “upon calming down the entire group I went back to speak with (the complainant),” who said the other woman “came up to her vehicle attempting to start a fight and struck her baby in the face.”

The deputy noted the baby had a bloody lip and swelling had already started. The deputy told the complainant to go home and he’d go by her house later to talk to her. He then talked to the woman who hit her, and she said the complainant (has recently been coming to the church and causing problems or being confrontational,” and when she tried to explain that to the complainant she tried to start a fight “and handed the baby to her mother before swinging her arm back to throw a punch; in so doing (the complainant’s) elbow struck the baby in the face.”

The woman did admit to “engaging in an exchange of punches with (the complainant) however had no visible injury or complaints of such.”

The deputy noted he went to talk to the complainant, and overheard her “finishing a conversation with ‘and then I’ll shoot her,” and again told the deputy the woman “approached her vehicle and began to throw punches and struck her child in the face,” before “asking questions as to defending herself with a firearm and explained that she had a Georgia weapon’s permit.”   
The deputy told the complainant he couldn’t give legal advice and noted in the report “aside from the swelling observed on the baby no evidence was available to support either parties claims.”

 Theft: Detectives were sent to an Ellabell address around noon Sept. 8 regarding the “report of stolen copper grounding bars from a cell tower.”

The report said “complainant stated that upon inspecting the cell tower location all locks were intact and obvious signs of forced entry were present. All connecting equipment was still intact and it appeared to have been removed professionally. The cell tower location had been served approximately 10 days prior to this report and all equipment was intact at time of inspection.”

Theft: A South Bryan woman reported Sept. 9 she suspected a friend stole her “engine block and cylinders” after he repaired her 1997 SUV.

The woman said she started having engine troubles on Sept. 1 and asked the friend to look at it. He told her it was a thermostat problem and they had to order the parts. The man finished the repairs on Sept. 8 and the woman noted “issues with the repair when she first started the engine and began suspecting (the man) swapped her engine from her (SUV) with an older engine block and cylinder.”

“She complained that the engine was running rough with more vibration in the steering wheel,” and “explained this engine in her SUV now has rust and upkeep appearance with loose hardware throughout the engine bay” and “added the appearance of the engine was different and swears the engine block serial number did not match her record.”
The woman said the man had a car he liked to race and “suspected that he would use her engine to modify his vehicle.” The deputy went to the man’s house but he wasn’t there. The woman got a case number.


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