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BCSO Blotter: Separate cases of ‘tumultuous conduct’ lead to arrests
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports.

Disorderly conduct: Two men were arrested after a June 11 property dispute off Ellabell Loop Road, that started out of a “report of a dispute involving property being pushed onto another set of property using a tractor,” according to the report.

The deputy talked to the complainant, who said another man had “pushed items that were blocking a disputed alley way,” and named a man who had been “observed on the tractor.”

The deputy asked the complainant “if there had been any exchange of words between the two. (The complainant) stated that on the previous day there had been death threats and items thrown at him.

When asked if notified the sheriff’s office (the complainant) provided no answer. (He) then explained that (the other man) attempted to hit him with a tractor.”

The deputy then talked to the other guy, who “stated that the items were on his alleyway used to access land and that he moved the items to access his land and that (the complainant) attempted to strike him first with his lawn mower.”

Both men were arrested “for tumultuous conduct that would reasonably place each other in fear of their personal safety.”

It turns out this feud has been going on a while, with deputies responding to the same spot six times dating back to 2017. This time they were arrested.

Animal complaint: On June 10, the complainant from the disorderly conduct incident recounted above called BCSO to report that the other man involved in the feud “has been trapping neighborhood cats and taking them to a vacant house where person(s) have been devil worshipping.”

The deputy told the man he’d do a report and turn it over to animal control.

Damage to vehicle: A woman reported June 7 she was driving west on Highway 280 just outside Pembroke when a “semi truck passed her and a piece of tire tread flew off the truck and struck her hood, windshield and the passenger side of her car.” The tread chipped and scratched paint and shattered her windshield. No one was hurt and the woman was able to drive it home. “The driver of the semi did not stop and has not been identified.”

Terroristic threats: A deputy was sent June 10 to a Mack English Road, Ellabell, address, regarding “a subject high on ‘bad meth’ destroying property and being combative with his parents.”

The deputy found the man in the living room, and father said he’d “become agitated for no reason and kicked the refrigerator, causing small dents, and damaged dry wall in the house,” the report said, noting the deputy “asked (the man) to put on some pants and to come outside with me to talk.

(He) became agitated and got in my face. He then put his finger in my face and threatened to ‘kick my (bleep).”

EMS showed up to check on the man, whose parents didn’t want to press charges but did want to take out a temporary protective order against their son the next day. The deputy then took the man to Memorial, where he kept making threats. He was arrested, and after Memorial staff said it was OK for him to be released, the man was taken back to Bryan County and put in jail.

Financial card fraud: A Toni Branch Road, Ellabell man reported June 7 his estranged wife used his debit card number to make six transactions for $1,604.86 from May 28 to June 3.

He told the deputy the two have lived apart since early May.

The charges included three to Miami Carnival Cruise line for more than $1,300, the report said.

The man said he’s since had his debit card deactivated, but needs the report so the bank can refund his money and open an investigation.

Matter of record: Deputies were called to the Dollar General on Highway 17 after midnight June 8 because two people were being chased by a guy in a white car. The complainant said he’d taken his wife to meet up with “out of town family” in Richmond Hill, and when leaving his mother-in-law’s “he made a wrong turn and needed to pull over and use the GPS. (He) stated he was not familiar with the area and thought he turned around on a dirt road. (He) stated abruptly a male pulled in front of his vehicle and began yelling at him. (He) stated he was in fear for his and his wife’s safety and left the area suddenly. (He) stated the subject then began chasing them.

(He) further stated the male subject attempted several times to run him off the road.”

Deputies found the man, who lives in Liberty County. He “stated he was leaving his mother’s residence … in Fleming … and noticed a vehicle backed into a driveway at her residence. (He) stated with recent events he was suspicious and was concerned about his mother’s welfare. (He) stated he pulled up to the vehicle backed into the driveway and it suddenly sped off. (He) stated he shouted at the vehicle and began following it to get the tag information for authorities. (He) stated he did not try to run (the complainants) off the road.” Deputies explained what the complainants said and told the man “in the event anything unlawful took place in Fleming, Bryan County deputies would turn over the information obtained for this report to Liberty County.”

Everyone involved left the area “without further incident,” the report said.

Domestic: Deputies were sent June 8 to a Holly Hill Road, Richmond Hill address regarding a “verbal domestic,” a report said.

There, they met a man with a “blue coloration” to the “underside” of his right eye. He told deputies that after work he went to a bar with “a female friend in Savannah. (He) stated his girlfriend got angry and picked him up from the bar. (He) stated during the ride home his girlfriend reached over with her left hand and punched him in the right eye with a closed fist.”

The man said he made her madder by calling her names. He said he never hit his girlfriend back and he wanted to press charges.

The girlfriend had a different story. She told the deputy she routinely picked up her boyfriend after work and this time found out he’d gone to a bar. She said he was mad she showed up and was “belligerent,” when he got into the vehicle, then yelled and called her names and shoved her as she drove. She also showed deputies damage she said her boyfriend did to her vehicle, and said she didn’t hit him, “he actually hit himself with the rear view mirror when he broke it off the windshield.”

She said she didn’t want to press charges, just wanted him off her property while he was drunk. The man left with his aunt.

Domestic dispute: A Springfield man reported June 9 that he’s been getting “harassing communications” from his “estranged wife.” The man said he’s been staying with a buddy in Ellabell and is planning on getting a divorce attorney. He said his wife “has hacked his Facebook page and locked him out,” for starters. The man also claims his wife “has made several posts as (him), referencing his employer … (a local company) in a derogatory manner. He advised that she has changed his Facebook photo to a picture of him in his underwear. He said that some of his contacts advised that she posted nude photos of him. (He) stated that the nude photos were taken down before he could take screenshots.” he man also said his wife has used his bank card to take $200 (plus the $3 transaction fee) and spent more than $50 on his debit card at convenience stores.

“(He) said that (his wife) has emailed him stating that she would make his life a living hell,” the report said.

Damage to property: A Pine Needle Drive, Ellabell man reported June 9 he went to crank a four-wheeler belonging to someone else and “it began smoking and then caught fire.” The man said he “believes that the gas line might have been dry rotted, and when started, the gas line burst open and caused the fire. Bryan County Fire Department responded and extinguished the fire. No other damage was reported,” the report said.

Damage to property: A woman with a Richmond Hill address reported that on June 1 that a house sitter she regularly used “had a party,” at the woman’s house, and crashed her “Polaris Ranger side by side,” damaging the front and windshield. What’s more, “there was a tree knocked over and numerous landscaping lights were damaged.” A deputy talked to the house sitter, who said she crashed the Ranger with a man sitting in the passenger seat, and “stated that she was injured and the male was injured from the crash,” but “she did not know the male subject’s name or how to get in contact with him.” The homeowner said she hadn’t decided whether she’d press charges.

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