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BCSO blotter: Richmond Hill teen caught in bear trap rescued
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports: 

Rescue: Deputies, EMS and firefighters responded to a Richmond Hill address around 6:21 p.m. May 31 “in regards to a juvenile male who was in the woods with his leg caught in a bear trap.” 

EMS found the teen, “but other units could not locate them due to the thick terrain. He was eventually discovered around 300 yards into a wood-line behind the address. After that, “the patient was left with his mother after they removed the bear trap and bandaged his wounds,” and then EMS got the kid out of the woods, into an ambulance and to Memorial Medical Center in Savannah. DNR was called and a ranger picked up the trap and said he’d follow up with the victim. Bear trap?

Matter of record: An Ellabell woman reported June 7 she was headed west on Highway 280 near Dowd Road when “the vehicle in front of her spilled tar out of a container that was being pulled by a trailer.” The woman said she was able to get a license plate number on the truck and reported it to 911, and she also tried to get the driver to pull over but he kept going. The woman showed deputies “spots of tar across the front, hood and windshield,” of the woman’s car. She wants the company to pay to have it cleaned.

She got a case number. 

Illegal dumping: Deputies were sent June 7 to Beautiful Zion Church Road in Pembroke regarding “a large amount of trash being dumped beside the road.” Deputies found some mail in the garbage and went to the address, where they met with a man who said his son was supposed to be taking the trash to a dumpster. “(The man) further stated that he would make (his son) go and pick the trash up and take it to a proper trash disposal location.”

Speeding, fleeing, etc: A Rhode Island man was arrested June 1 after he was clocked going as fast as 118 mph west on Highway 204. A deputy first registered the vehicle going 75 mph in the 55 mph zone, and tried to pull the driver over.

Instead, the man took off, and got onto 280 and near the Evans County line before he pulled over. It turned out he was wanted in RI for aggravated assault with a vehicle, but that state did not want to place a hold on him. He was cited for a host of traffic offenses. His vehicle was towed.

Ambulance escort: A deputy was sent to the Georgia Forestry office on Eldora road on May 31 regarding a man “in a white tank top yelling he wants a lawyer and about a GBI investigation.”

The man claimed “he knows the corrupt stuff going on in Bryan County,” etc. The man admitted to being high on meth and apparently walked off a jobsite down Eldora Road until he got to the Georgia Forestry Office. He was taken by ambulance to Memorial for a mental health checkup.

Found gun: A man “magnet fishing” somewhere near Black Creek Church Road pulled a gun from a body of water on May 31. The report didn’t specify which body of water, but “the gun had the serial numbers scratched off the gun and did not have a barrel in the weapon.”

It was logged into evidence.

Fraud: A Richmond Hill woman reported June 2 she went online and bought a plane ticket from Savannah to Phoenix for $881.20. The woman told deputies she got get a number she thought was for Delta Airlines and spoke to a man on May 17. When she went to the airport in Savannah on June 2 she was told she didn’t have a ticket. She got a case number.

Suspicious activity: Deputies were sent to a Highway 144 address shortly before 2 p.m. June 4, “in reference to a person laying on the ground between the house and a travel trailer. Deputies checked that residence and searched all around the immediate area with negative contact with anyone laying out in a yard with a travel trailer. Deputies returned to service.”

Fraud: A Richmond Hill woman reported June 4 her son opened a credit card using her ID without her permission, then maxed it out on cash advances to the tune of $3,000. The woman said she found out about it when the credit card company contacted her. The woman said she wanted to prosecute her son and needed a police report.

Marijuana possession: A 21-year-old Ellabell woman was arrested around 5:21 p.m. June 3 after a deputy saw her almost run into the back of a dump truck on Highway 280. She said it was because she was on the phone, but the deputy also “smelled the distinct odor of marijuana.”

The deputy learned the woman was wanted in Bulloch County, but they didn’t want to come get her. The woman also told the deputy she was pregnant and her parents came to get her vehicle. She was released from custody with citations for using a cell phone, tailgating and misdemeanor marijuana possession.

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