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BCSO Blotter: Rented car tracked down, found in Liberty County parking lot
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From the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office Incident Reports 

Nov. 22 

Civil Matter

 Woman reports that her vehicle, which she rents out to others through the car-sharing company Turo, was not returned to her at the scheduled time (11/21 at 10:00 a.m.). The person who rented the car said that they did not have the car in their possession.

The woman then located her car via a tracker and found the vehicle in a parking lot in Liberty County. A report was filed.

Warrant Executed, Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers

Woman called and told officers she wanted her son off her residence as he keeps stealing from her.

Son also had active warrants for Theft by Deception (Felony) from prior incidents. Upon arrival at the residence, the officer places the son under arrest. The son kicked the officer in the right ankle as the officer attempted to lead him down the stairs.

Welfare Check

A juvenile at Timber Trail Recreation Park was sleeping under the bleachers.

Theft by Taking: Misdemeanor

Woman reports that her card was stolen from the Shell gas station on Nov. 17, 2023 around 7:40 p.m. and was subsequently used at the Publix on Hwy 144.

No Driver’s License/ Unlicensed Operator, Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers, Windshield/ Window/Wiper Requirements

 Driver with a busted windshield is pulled over; the driver in question switches spots with the passenger, and the passenger claims to have been the one driving the whole time. The driver is found to not have a driver’s license and was arrested, and the passenger was also placed under arrest for obstruction.

Theft by Taking Misdemeanor 

Convenience store manager reports a list of stolen goods from the month of October, all by one individual. The daughter of the suspect offers to pay for the stolen goods in full, and the store managers accept this exchange and agree to not press charges.

Nov. 23

 Fire Authorities respond to a structure fire (roof). No injuries reported.

Matter of Record

Man says his girlfriend took his medicine and would not give it back.

Suspicious Incident

Deputies dispatched in reference to a “suspicious, small, plastic bag, with an unknown substance”.

Landlords were asked to care for the pets of their renters while they were away, and the landlords then found the plastic bag in their belongings.

One of the landlords said that it was in the rental agreement that they could look through belongings of the renters. Drug test came back negative but the substance was still taken to the Bryan County Evidence Lockers to be disposed of.

Failure to Maintain Lane, DUI: Less Safe (alcohol) 

Car overturned in the woods near Mulberry Park Dr. Driver was tested for alcohol, and came back positive.

Nov 24 No Driver’s License/Unlicensed Operator, Lighted Headlights/other lights required Driver driving with headlights off (dawn, with rain at 7:03 a.m.). Driver also found to not have a driver’s license.

Theft by taking: felony

Woman reports that goods from her storage unit were stolen. The items belonged to her deceased mother, and include a TV stand, STAUB brand pots and pans, Dyson products and assorted linens.

DUI-less safe (drugs), Marijuana (possession of less than 1 oz., obstruction of law enforcement officers 

Driver arrested near Hwy 280 for the above charges.

Domestic dispute

Officers respond to a domestic dispute/fight between brothers. Both brothers declined to press charges.

Alarm call

Officers respond to an alarm call from a residence. However, nothing appeared to be taken or out of place.

DUI-less safe (drugs), speeding in excess of maximum limits, no drivers license/unlicensed operator, DUI-less safe (drugs) 

Driver booked for the above charges.

Nov 25 

DUI-less safe (alcohol), speeding in excess of maximum limits, failure to maintain lane, open container of alcohol in motor vehicle

 Driver booked on Highway 280 near Anderson Lawn Care for the above charges.

No insurance, No brake lights or working turn signals, display of license plates/obscuring tag Driver issued citations for the above charges and given a court date.

Damage to property

Car damages a roundabout on Belfast Keller Rd.

Nov 26

 Loitering, Possession of Methamphetamine, obstruction of law enforcement 

Two individuals at Hendrix Park were arrested for the above charges. The drugs were secured in evidence bags and placed in a sealed evidence locker.

DUI-less safe (alcohol), speeding in excess of maximum limits, failure to maintain lane 

Driver charged with the above offenses near US-17 at Belfast Keller Rd.

Suspicious Incident

A homeless subject was “acting strange” towards customers at the Parkers on US-17.

DUI-less safe (alcohol), giving false name/address, improper passing, no driver’s license/unlicensed operator 

Driver issued citations for the above infractions and given a court date.

Nov 27

 Driving while license suspended or revoked, speeding in excess of maximum limits, warrant executed

Driver stopped for speeding, found to have a warrant out for his arrest from Hinesville for a misdemeanor. License was also previously suspended for super speeding.

Hinesville declined to pursue the warrant. The driver was arrested and transported to the Bryan County Detention Center without incident.

No driver’s license/unlicensed operator

Driver was arrested on US-280 westbound near CC Road for the above charges. Vehicle was towed.

Abandoned Vehicle

Officers retrieve a U-Haul box truck with an Arizona tag reported stolen in Bloomingdale.

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