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BCSO blotter: PlayStation with pot sticker missing
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office Reports: 

Property dispute: A deputy was sent Aug. 10 to a Richmond Hill address, where two people “advised that their former roommate … had come in possession of their Roku TV, PlayStation 4 with a marijuana sticker and several controllers for the PlayStation and believed that he had pawned the items based on a series of text communications,” a report said.

 The adult complainants showed the deputies the texts, which showed “several arguments over the property and a vehicle, claiming that the complainants gave the property to (the former roommate).”

They said they’d let him borrow it, but not to sell. They thought it was might be at a Richmond Hill pawnshop. The deputy gave them a case number and explained they needed to talk to a judge.

 Burglary: An Ellabell man reported Aug. 10 he noticed guns missing from his pond house, and he found them behind the house. “The guns that were missing off the wall of the pond house and recovered behind the pond house,” included three 12 gauge shotguns and a Spanish Mauser .308 rifle.

Found gun: Two men magnet fishing Aug. 9 in a creek near a trailer park off Black Creek Church Road reported finding a gun. No word in the report on what sort of gun it was, but a check of the serial number came back, “no record found,” and the weapon was taken to BCSO for safekeeping.

 Matter of record: Deputies were directing traffic on Fort McAllister Road around 3 p.m. Aug. 9 “due to a low hanging Comcast line across the roadway,” when a Bryan County Schools bus tried to “go through and struck the line with an open roof hatch.” The cable line was apparently OK, but “the impact caused the hatch to break off the bus.” There were no injuries, however, so the bus driver “then left and dropped off her remaining students before returning to the scene.”

A case number was issued, etc.

Speeding: A deputy running radar on I-95 around 3 p.m. Aug. 14 clocked a black motorcycle going 103 mph and “attempted to initiate a traffic stop.” Instead, the bike “sped off at a high rate of speed weaving in and out of traffic with no turn signals and in excess of 90 mph,” the report said, “then pull to the right passing in the emergency lane until (the exit 90 off ramp).”

The biker, who stopped at a gas station, “advised his girlfriend was having contractions.” He was arrested anyway, but was given a chance to call to check on his girlfriend. “The offender said she was fine,” so he was taken to Bryan County Jail.

Harassing communications: A woman reported Aug. 16 a man she’d known since high school “has continually contacted her family and her via telephone and various social media platforms. (She) told me that (the man) began to act strangely after a high school reunion and began calling (her family), claiming that the two were going to be married soon.”

The woman said she decided to report the event after the man listed her sister as an emergency contact when he was taken to a hospital to be evaluated for his mental health. The woman said the man told her family “how he had lost all his firearms and how he was going to use a chainsaw to perform an unknown act.”

The woman, who had no idea how the man had gotten her family’s contact information, was told how to apply for a protective order.

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